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Do Not Go Gentle

Author(s): James W. Jorgensen

Sometimes you have to lose everything before you realize how much you have.

Jamie Griffin is an Irish-Catholic Boston detective with a great career and loving family, who falls ill. He is always exhausted, with severe headaches, balance issues, memory and focus difficulties. Desperately seeking an answer to his illness, Jamie must cope with the devastation it wreaks on his life. He struggles to solve a final case: murders involving a shadowy supernatural cult. Solving the case allows Jamie to work his way through personal darkness to come out intact on the other side.


Jamie Griffin froze before a wooden bridge, spanning an inky abyss. He was unable to see the other side. Jamie felt iron tendrils of fear ensnare him and knew he was dreaming. A nightmare, yet he could not awaken. Jamie knew the last thing in the world he wanted was cross that bridge. The tendrils held him unyielding in their grasp, and forced him forward, staggering step by step. Jamie knew that if he crossed to the other side, his life would change forever.

A profound melancholy, a sense of loss, permeated Jamie as he was frog-marched to the other side. Jamie tried to wake up, hoping to avert his fate. He could not awaken, and the unseen force continued to compel him toward the obscured destination.

As they neared the other side, Jamie felt the bridge shudder, as if the fist of God had hammered it. He was freed from his bonds, but as he turned back, Jamie heard loud cracks, like automatic weapon fire. He could see the bridge collapsing into the abyss. The wooden planks were exploding into sawdust.

Jamie turned back toward the other side, which held an unknown and ominous destination. He felt the destruction racing to catch him and faced with choosing the abyss or the unknown, Jamie turned in the direction of the hidden side. He ran as fast as he could, but the other side crawled toward him while the destruction of the bridge pursued him like a jungle cat. Jamie felt the planks right behind him explode.

The other side was in clear view at last: a gray landscape that was devoid of colors, sounds, smells, and joy. Jamie threw himself forward, heart pounding, breath ragged, and he stretched out, scrabbling for any purchase to pull himself to safety. His hands grasped something, but he felt iron tendrils seeking him again, trying to force him into the abyss. Jamie screamed, struggled and…

Jamie Griffin jerked awake, sitting upright in bed beside his wife. He hadn’t felt fear like that in over twenty years as a cop…

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290089
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290072
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 08/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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