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Enduring Love

Author(s): Richard Jones

Feeling safe for the first time since they met, Mattie and Red choose to pursue a trail to the mountains

Mattie and Red feel a bond of enduring love they know will sustain them through any hardships they might face. Trouble, however, seems to follow them wherever they go. First is a drunken cowboy bent on destroying the peace of a small town. Then an old enemy arrives with vengeance on his mind. Finally, it is the mountain itself and the fear they may not survive its many dangers.)



Red had no illusions about the trapper turned outlaw. He’d been lucky to escape with his life after their first encounter and Logan was not a man to forgive and forget.

“Hi, Jack,” he said as he reached over to shake Mattie awake. “We’ve got company.”

“Get up, both of you,” he stated.

Mattie was shocked into wakefulness by the evil sound of his voice. “What is he doing here?” she asked Red.

“Visiting,” he told her with no sign of fear. “Why don’t you get some coffee brewing?” It was a ploy to delay the inevitable while hoping for a miracle.

“Stay where you are!” shouted Logan as he leveled his Winchester. Then he stared at Red for a moment with a look of respect. “I’ll give you this, Holden, you got sand. But that ain’t gonna stop me from killing you.”

“Just trying to be hospitable,” Red replied with a smile.

Mattie stepped in front of her husband. “Then you’ll have to kill me too,” she said.

Logan chuckled. “If you were a foot taller I might be worried,” he told her. “But as it is, I can still put a bullet in his head without even mussing your hair.”

“How did you find us?” Red asked still hoping to stall until a plan came to him.

“That was easy,” he replied enjoying the power he had over them. “I passed through that town where you bought your supplies. You know, they’re still talking about the cowboy who faced down some drunk kid, then just hit the trail.” He paused to adjust his aim on Red. “I thought that man might be you, but I wasn’t sure until I heard about the woman with him.” He looked to Mattie with a hunger in his dark eyes. “Too bad you’re so soft-hearted, Red. You would’ve been better off killing me instead of cutting my cinch strap. Did you really think I wouldn’t come back?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724666
Genre: Western
Date Published: 09/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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