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Author(s): Karlene Blakmore-Mowle

All he wanted was a distraction- what he got was trouble- named Tully.
Risking their lives for others is second nature, but can they trust
each other enough to risk their hearts?
"Tully, why do you keep a gun in your kitchen?" he asked with a
calmness he was far from feeling.
"Do you make a habit of going through your neighbor's kitchen
drawers?" Her eyes flashed, although her voice was quiet. Taking a
step closer, she took the gun from his hand and brushed past him.
Retrieving the magazine from where he'd sat it on the bench she
slammed it home into the handle with practiced ease, expertly checking
the chamber before re-holstering the weapon. She shut the drawer with
just a fraction more force than was needed.
Holding up his hands before him in a gesture meant to placate, Jake
jumped in before she began what he was sure would be another speech
about respecting her privacy.
"I wasn't being nosey, but now that we're here I'm really curious as
to why you keep a loaded Gluck in your kitchen?"
"What part of ‘mind your own business’ are you a bit fuzzy on?" she snapped.
"The part," he said, leaning close and ignoring the sweet, alluring
scent of her, "where I find my neighbor has a semi-automatic pistol in
her house. That bit tends to make me more than a little edgy."
“So, you’re Mister Civic Duty all of a sudden?" Tully demanded,
pushing away from the kitchen bench to stalk past him.
He grabbed her arm as she went past and ignored her glare as he turned
her to face him. "I'm the man who doesn't want to walk in here one day
to find my pretty neighbor has blown her brains out by accident." His
gaze dropped from her flashing eyes to her chest, which heaved with
indignant aggravation.
“I’m not trying to be some kind of challenge and I’m sure as hell not
here for your entertainment."
He grinned, man she was sexy as hell when she was pissed off. “Have a
heart, Tully. I’m still getting the hang of this civilian thing. I’ve
gotta have something to look forward to.”
"Get a hobby," she advised with an acid tone, all but pushing him out the door.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726509
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 04/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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