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Forgotten Memories

Author(s): Suzanne Brandyn

It’s easy to forget, but much harder to remember.

Following the death of Catherine Berg’s father, a car accident leaves her with amnesia. Catherine needs to find her memories to escape the shell of a woman she has become. Not having a past, she is struggling with the present.
Nathan Alexander a lawyer and pilot almost collides with Catherine when he attempts to make touchdown on Port Macquarie’s airstrip. Her attitude surprises him, as they were childhood sweethearts. Nathan announces he has arrived to claim his half inheritance of her father’s company, Macquarie Airways, instead he claims her heart.
When he learns of her amnesia, he is determined to help her remember not only him, but also her past. Nathan is on a flight back to Port Macquarie from the outback. His aircraft disappears. Search and Rescue fail to locate him.
Catherine has lost one man she loved, she isn’t about to lose another. She has to find the courage to climb back into an aircraft to rescue the man she loves from the mountainous ranges of Outback Australia.

Catherine Berg’s fingers tightened around the steering wheel the moment she noticed a car ahead swerving wildly over the two-lane highway.
Her shaky right foot eased onto the brake pedal, but the blinding high beam stinging her eyes made it impossible to see beyond the glaring halo of yellow. She depressed the brakes further. The wheels locked. Her car skidded and she struggled for control.
Metal against metal.
The shattering of glass splintered through the atmosphere sending Catherine’s white Mazda into the air, only to embed in a gully beside the road, leaving a gateway for death.
Screams, sobbing, and cries for help drifted through the darkness. She moved her hand to her forehead feeling the fresh trickle of blood as it oozed down her face toward her mouth. Pain fired its disabling claws through her legs and she tried to call out realizing the loss of blood was slowly stealing life from her body.
Her breath, a shallow intake as her lungs struggled for oxygen. Pain continued to shoot through her like the tip end of a branding iron, every hot jab more excruciating than the last.
Raising her right hand, she wiped away a mixture of blood and tears from her eyes. She forced one eye to open. Her surrounds were all but a blur. A twisted mass of metal and dark shadows under the sound of drizzling rain became her reality.
Distant sobbing and screams continued to permeate her ears. The odor of petrol and dampness of the surrounding undergrowth rose to her nostrils.
“Please. Please help. Someone help,” she pleaded in a low guttural sound, barely having the strength to push it past her lips.
The crying and the calls for help faded into the bleakness of the night. Somewhere above, a lone plover shrilled through the remaining light drizzle.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726462
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 03/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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