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Full Moon

Author(s): Alysha Ellis

When the mesmerizing Stephen Damon appears on the path at midnight on the night of the full moon, he lures Lauren Miller into a wild, passionate romance. Nothing, not the police listing him as a suspect in a brutal murder that occurs on the night he appears, nor his total refusal to tell Lauren where he has come from or why he must leave her forever at the next full moon, keeps Lauren from surrendering her heart to him.

But when another woman dies, her body found less than half a mile from Laurens house and once more Stephen refuses to provide an alibi, Lauren is forced to examine her unthinking acceptance of this man into her home and her life. Stephen must leave at the next full moon, but will Lauren still be alive to see it?


A shadow detached itself from the deeper shadows surrounding it. Lauren's breath hitched, her heart stuttered to a halt then raced. A tall, lithe figure, shirt and pants soft grey in the colorless light, stepped out of the mottled camouflage of the trees.

The stranger walked to Laurens gate. He stood there, motionless in the platinum and ebony landscape, yet power vibrated through his taut frame. Through the window, his gaze, dark and compelling, locked with hers

Lauren turned, walked in a sleepwalkers daze to the French doors. She slid them open, stepped outside. The wind shirring through the trees sang a sirens call she had no will to resist. She glided down the path. The man pushed the gate open, took a step closer until they stood face to face. The moon at his back obscured his face and outlined his body with silver-blue light, a spectral image both beautiful and menacing.

Laurens gasp of fright pushed through the strangled knot in her throat and escaped through the hands she clasped to her mouth.

On shaking legs, she staggered back a crooked step. I Im sorry. I dont know why I came out here I dont

He turned and the changing patterns of the shadows obscured his expression. A stray moonbeam turned his eyes to silver discs. They locked onto hers and drew her in. A premonition that if she looked long enough she might never escape their hold sent a shiver scurrying down her spine. The urge to flee grew overwhelming. She shifted her weight, prepared to run.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781770650572
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 04/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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