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Giving Up the Ghosts

Ghostly Ménage Book 2

Author(s): Alysha Ellis

Living with three hot ghosts who exist only to please her, Kelsie is in heaven—especially since that pleasing involves lots and lots of sex.  However, when a demon curses them, fun time is over. If they come—they go! Suddenly being screwed takes on a scary new meaning.


Never in the history of the paranormal have four people tried so inventively not to have sex—and failed so completely.



Kelsie pushed herself up, scrambling backwards against the head of the bed. She screamed, again and again. The door flew open and Chad burst into the room. Adam, more direct and more inclined to do whatever was expedient, simply materialized beside her and gathered her up into his arms. He held her tight, soothing and calming her until her shrieks gave way to hiccupping sobs.

Chad spoke sharply. “What’s wrong with her? And why isn’t Benedict here where he should be, taking care of her?”

With a hand that shook so much it blurred, Kelsie pointed upwards. Both men turned their heads and followed the direction of Kelsies finger. Every muscle stiffened in shock. There against the ceiling where Kelsies satisfied sigh had blown him aloft, was the ephemeral, barely visible, two dimensional outline of Benedict.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926647-85-2
Genre: Paranormal
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Publisher: Eternal Press

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