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Hard Crush

Author(s): Andrea Crisp

 Young Adult title.
Angela Page was a high school nobody. Overlooked by boys, dealing with a dysfunctional family, and ignored by the popular kids, Angela assumes her sophomore year will be just as tragic as the rest. Then her world changes when she catches the eye of a handsome, charming boy at school. Suddenly, Angela has a chance at love, popularity, and fulfilling her dream to become a writer through a school contest. Everything is going great for Angela, until a sudden betrayal changes everything.


 For just one moment, the world went still.
I felt cold. The cement wall I leaned against was freezing. I jammed my hands into the pockets of my hoodie and watched my breath huff little clouds into the air.
The frost on the grass looked like specks of powdered sugar. A little path of half-frozen water moved slowly, like sludge, into the round mouth of a large drainage pipe.
I stared into the darkness several feet ahead.
I willed my feet to move. They didn’t budge.
I sighed. “Coward.”
The word cut into the silence and seemed to cue the world back to life. A car rushed across the overpass above. A horn blared in the distance.
I glanced up. Anyone gazing down from the bridge would have likely pegged me for some ghostly specter—a pale wisp of a girl with frost in her wet hair, staring with large, dark eyes into the sky. Time to get this over with.
My old shoes splashed in the icy water. Cold trailed up my legs. The pipe opening waited.
I stood here before, just days ago. I realized then that things would never go back to the way they were. A part of my life was gone.
I had thrown something very precious into that pipe.
I couldn’t leave it in there. I had to find it.
I had to set things right.
I walked. Each step prompted a recent memory to skate through my mind. I thought back to a few days ago, weeks ago, two months ago, to when this avalanche of craziness just started to tumble down on me.
It all started out so magical.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291208
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629291192
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 07/01/2014
Publisher: Eternal Press

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