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Heart and Fire

Author(s): Wendy L. Callahan

Courtesan. Secret agent. Tea-drinker.
Courtesan and gunslinging government agent, Saville Cantall has just
been thrust into an untenable position. She has been ordered to work
as bodyguard to the woman who just replaced her as the king’s
mistress. Frustrated by, not just the situation, but her own tenuous
place in society, Saville finds her problems compounded by the
question of who would want to harm the king’s new mistress. Over the
course of the summer, she learns that time is running out to stop a
war, learn the secret of her magickal abilities, and fend off two
persistent suitors… While somehow still finding the time to sit down
for afternoon tea.
“Why is it so important to protect Miss d’Lucier?” I asked quietly.
“Is she in danger?”
“Danger is ever-present at any royal court.”
I frowned. I was receiving yet another evasive response to my most
burning questions, to which I so deeply desired answers. My
suspicions were even more aroused by the king’s words.
Respectfully, I responded, “The more information I have, the better
able I am to guard your dear lady. We know of more than one agent who
lost his life due to simple ignorance of the situation into which he
was getting himself. After the other night, it is obvious that there
is someone who wishes your mistress ill.”
“Put that incident out of your mind and do your job, Saville. The
less you know, the less you can betray,” was Haydon’s terse rejoinder.
“Betray?” Indignation tinged my voice, and this time my hand did
clutch at my parasol reflexively.
“Under torture,” the king clarified.
Smoothing my dress over my knees with my free hand, and trying to
keep a neutral expression on my face, I said, “Then that would beg the
question, who would want to torture me on behalf of Falia d’Lucier?”

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Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 04/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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