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Author(s): P. M. May

Jennifer has just got out of a marriage where she was browbeaten, by her cheating husband.Now she has a chance to reinvent herself and when she inherits her English Grandfather’s family home, she jumps at the chance of making a new life for herself far away from the bad memories that haunt her in New York. She did not expect to find the love of a new man, or that her inheritance would include a ghastly undead figure from the English Civil War. A transatlantic love-triangle that can only end badly, as one of those involved is already centuries dead


Still the knocker beat upon her front door and with isolated trepidation Jennifer rushed along the first floor west wing corridor to the balcony landing over the entrance hall. As usual the hall still had its lights on and she stopped at the top of the stairs, her knees trembling from her recent orgasm or was it just base fear. The door was strong, about four inches thick and had three set of bolts across it; so she inched down the stairs by the wall holding onto the banister for support as she descended. Her bare feet walked down on the wood part of the steps as the pounding on the knocker continued to grow louder without rest or loss of beat. Jennifer took a long breath and reminded herself of the time she had kicked that Central Park bag snatcher in the family jewels and went across the cold wooden floor to the front door. As soon as she reached the cross inlaid in the parquet floor, the rapping of the door knocker did cease its chilling persistent peel. She stopped and waited, the house waited and outside on the doorstep someone else waited. Then chastising her irrational fear she moved over the cross and peered through the spy hole on tip-toes. She blinked a watery eye and look out onto the wall-lit entrance porch beyond. She pulled her eye back immediately in shock, because standing before the front door in a black circular hat and  showing only his tall frame and handsome thin protruding cheeks, with wet dark eyes that seemed to dance like wild-fire. Jen ran back to her bedroom, locked the door behind her and dived into bed and pulled the bedcovers over her head. Still dressed, she gasped for air because of her nocturnal run through the large house and spoke only one word aloud, before sleep finally took her two hours later. “Cromity.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615721931
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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