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Jezebel's Article

Author(s): Kayden McLeod

Jezebel has a new job writing a sex column for a small
specialty interest paper in Vancouver, British Columbia, and attends a
very specialized party…a sex party, in fact, where she meets two of
the most tempting men she could’ve ever imagined. And to make it that
much more tempting, they are vampires, one curiosity Jezebel can’t
shed. Adrian and Doros watch her with growing desire, craving to take
a knowing human, from who they didn’t have to cut their true selves
off from. One they could play with to their heart’s content. The
moment they meet Jezebel, it’s already over. There’s no contest, and
now only one question remains: Will she want them, as much as they
want her?
Adrian caught two slices of lime in his palm. He placed one
on my breast and the other on my ribcage.
Neither of the men spoke again, but they were both more than capable
of speaking telepathically to each other, if not me. I was the only
mentally-unskilled mostly-human at this party.
I watched in silence as Adrian deftly poured three shots of the amber
liquid and handed one back to Doros who smiled winningly. Doros’s
green eyes sparkled with hungry amusement when Adrian passed one to
“Straight up, please.” I grinned, and took my shot. The pleasant
burning went down my throat and warmed me beautifully in the slightly
chilly air.
The best part? I couldn’t even embarrass myself with wayward thoughts
that were normally private. As long I stared at either of them,
thinking was beyond my capabilities.
“Oh my…” I whispered as both blonde heads descended on me without any
warning, the ravenous animals they had promised. I was no more than
prey, and their perfect snake-like strikes at my body made my skin
tingle in the most tantalizing of ways.
They licked the salt from my skin in slow languorous strokes, to then
tip the shots back into their mouths in perfect synchronization. I
watched their tanned throats work as they swallowed, neither pair of
eyes leaving me even for an instant.
When they began to close the distance again, I saw a flash of a
pointed canine from between Adrian’s lips. Their fangs bit into the
bitter fruit, while their fingers ran over my body in relentless
sensual passes.
I shifted restlessly, teased beyond measure. Never had I thought to
play such a game. My imagination raced, and I could think of a lot
more I wanted to try, far more than I could do in one night.
“I think we have more than enough time before dawn to explore any
sexual avenue to cross your much too innocent mind,” Adrian said, “but
we’ll make every attempt to fix that problem for you.”

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-77065-009-1
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77065-001-5
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 12/07/2009
Publisher: Eternal Press

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