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Kill Zone

Author(s): James L. Hatch

Infected terrorists carry genetically engineered bio-warfare agents to unsuspecting populations. All humans die except those isolated in Cheyenne Mountain.

Dr. Marcy Whites resurrects V5, a prehistoric bacterium capable of creating synthetic oil, but bio-terrorism quickly overshadows her successes. People die by the millions when a genetically-engineered disease is inadvertently released in Mecca. Carried by fanatical Ambulatory Infectious Agents, the disease spreads like wildfire with a 100% kill rate. Out of desperation, countries agree to sanitize the perimeter of the Kill Zone with nuclear weapons, even as Cheyenne Mountain scientists work to adapt V5 as an antidote. The deadline passes, and Operation Sanitize releases mankind’s most powerful weapons against its smallest enemy. Detonations temporarily halt expansion, but Kill Zones soon crop up worldwide. An antidote is created from V5, the entire world is inoculated, and energy independence is achieved; however, one year later, birth rates begin declining. Marcy and other scientists locked inside Cheyenne Mountain gird for an extended stay—until the anomaly can be explained.



Her lilac sweatsuit accentuated the gentle crrves of her body as she jogged through Choi Park, but her easy appearance belied the conflict raging in her heart. Western attire offended Allah and chafed her mind. She would atone later; only her mission mattered now. She steeled herself, taking deep breaths to overcome lingering pangs of remorse for those she would murder. Most of the dead would be infidels; the faithful, martyrs. Friends, family and other Muslims would forgive her in paradise.

The fragrance of red coral honeysuckle filled the air as she broke the crest of the hill, giving her a fleeting moment of peace before she spotted her contact on the park bench in the hollow ahead. She had never met him, but the white carnation in his lapel marked him as Muhammad 313, the leader of Trenton’s Integrity and Honor sleeper cell.

Without breaking pace, she took another deep breath to quell her nervousness. She knew Muhammad 313’s reputation, a dangerous man committed to extermination of the West. She shared his goals. He would make her God’s weapon today, so she brushed aside fear and rigidly focused on Allah alone.

The man stood to leave as she sat adjacent to him, but awkwardly dropped his morning paper. Both reached to recover it in a carefully rehearsed maneuver and, during that brief contact, he softly uttered, “It will only stick a little.” Although trembling, she accepted the serum injected into her wrist, believing with all her soul it would destroy much of the immoral society of her youth.

The man removed the needle, placed several bus tickets in her quivering hand and blessed her. “Allah is with you, my child, do not let adversity equal surrender. The blessings of Muhammad are upon you, and will bring success to your mission. Go now. Go do the will of Allah.”

She retrieved the classified section from the ground, forced a smile as she passed it to the man, and continued down the path. She felt nothing, emotionally or physically. She had prepared for this moment in prayer, for becoming the living dead—the most dangerous woman on earth. Resolute but fearful, her stride lengthened as the sun’s warmth soothed her, but Muhammad 313 suspected she would soon endure great suffering.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725281
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 11/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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