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Killer Queen

Author(s): Heather McAlendin

Silver Devries is a five hundred year old Vampire Queen who,
out of betrayal and vengeance, becomes a Vampire Hunter.  She must
search for a rogue female Vampire who threatens the very existence of
the Vampire Clans.  Silver’s greatest allies become those who should
fear her the most…mortals. Fear, hope and unexpected love are the ties
that bind Vampire and human together as they fight to save both of
their worlds from imminent destruction.
Ecstasy. Simple and pure and the best word I have ever found
to describe what I felt at that moment. It was so much more than lust;
more than power, and definitely more than any love I have experienced
in my lifetime.
“More…” I whispered. “Please, more.”
I exhaled and shuddered as she gently raised my head to stare level
into her burning eyes.  I licked my bruised lips and tasted warm,
salty, thick blood. I blinked once and smiled at my Queen. I was
almost purring, like a cat lapping at the richest cream.
“You are the one Silver Devries. I choose you to carry on the line of
the ancients; my bloodline and now yours.”

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-77065-010-7
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77065-002-2
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 12/07/2009
Publisher: Eternal Press

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