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Book 1 Beyond the End of the World

Author(s): Aaron Dennis

Your neighborhood exterminator can’t handle these cockroaches…call Earth Navy.Captain O’Hara leads a special operations team aboard an alien ship. Thewls informed Earth Navy the monstrous Lokians, a race of alien roaches, are on the prowl. They ravage the galaxy in search of new technology with which they integrate to enhance their own abilities. Will the Human crew be enough to stop the alien threat? Why do the Thewls hold fast in their belief that Humans have met their benefactors, the travelers? Captain O’Hara charges across worlds unknown to save the galaxy.


The roof flew off in a spinning craze from both the blast and speed of the vehicles. Swain cringed as he watched the chunk of steel careen off the cave walls. The Captain was unaware as he held his gaze on the falling enemies. Suddenly a maddening impact vaulted him from his seat to the ground. The roof smashed into his vehicle felling three Thewl warriors. As the Captain lay on the floor of the rover he turned his head to find the agents had thrown their weight ontop of him. This had kept them and the Captain alive. O’Hara managed to his feet, his eyes glossed over the chaos. There was no time to waste. One Lokian was still firing. The red beams flickered by the rovers.
As the Captain struggled to man his cannon the enemy’s red laser carved into the cavernous wall. O’Hara eyed the Lokian, with a powerful exhale the Captain squeezed the trigger releasing all of his rage upon the enemy. Bursts of plasma hit their target and the Thewlian forces finally overwhelmed the remainder of the pursuers.
“Captain!” Sara’s voice was alarmed. “Did you make it?”
“Some of us,” the Captain replied weakly.
“Be careful Riley,” she said, knowing full well she was breaking protocol.
“You too, stay alive, that’s an order,” O’Hara responded.
Both rovers came to a halt as the crews exited their vehicles and observed the damage. Korit’s rover had no roof and was marred by scorch marks. The other rover was badly dented. The left side lost all its force fields and the doors were jammed into place. The Captain crawled out of the gun seat shakily. His appendages had become rubbery. He
wanted to survey the situation. He wanted time to feel bad.
“No time Captain. We have to press forward,” Korit replied as he looked at his comrades and shook his head.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727261
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 08/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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