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Love, Lust, Deception

Author(s): Stephanie Wheatley

This is an enchanting story where we become lost in a world of
mistakes, regrets, deception and of a man’s undying love for a woman
who he could not save.
Ten years have past and yet Mitch still continues to search for
a way to bring his lost love back. Sadly this plan involves using
Felicity, who has falling so deeply in love with him that she has
become blinded by all signs of danger. That is until they reach
Mitch’s home port where his past has finally caught up with him. His
only choice in protecting Felicity is leaving her in the arms of his
best friend and first mate Cole.
What started out as a bond of friendship has grown much deeper
between Felicity and Cole, and yet neither wanted to see these signs
until a stranger opens their eyes. Knowing that these feelings can
never develop into anything, they try their hardest to deny these
feelings, that is; until Mitch pushes Cole too far. Now they are
forced to either suppress these or confront Mitch about them. Only as
the story continues we find ourselves asking will Mitch really care
what happens between them. Does he really care about Felicity at all?
We come to learn that no one can trust a captain by the name of Mitch.
"My beautiful flower, what can I say? How can I reassure you that you
are safe here especially with Cole? How I wish I could erase all of
what I have done?" Mitch said before sweeping Felicity up into his
arms and carried her to the sofa that sat in the middle of Cole's
living room.
Still holding her tightly in his arms, Mitch sat down then began
placing kisses upon her silky cheek then her forehead. He took the
back of his rough hand and wiped the tears that were now streaking
down her pink cheeks, so that they could fall from her young tender
Using his thumbs he caressed her soft lips as he guided the salty
tears drops from the corners of her mouth that is until she tried to
look away from him, he cupped her chin into his hands and whispered,
"Please believe me when I say I am so sorry."
With her chin still cupped within his hand he brought her face closer
to his so that he could feel the warmth of her breathe against the
flesh of his face.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726547
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 04/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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