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Love Me Kill Me

Author(s): Bruce Cooke

 In modern day Middle East, an Arab girl and Jewish boy fall in love and marry. Both know if their love is discovered then it will mean death for both. They must escape Israel and the certainty of death or they are doomed.


 He reached into his drawer and produced a handgun. He pointed it at her then snarled. “Now get out of those clothes or I will kill you.”
“Like you killed your first wife,” she shouted back.
“Yes. Now strip.” He held the gun to her head and waited for her to strip. Reluctantly she did so and when naked he pointed to the bed with his gun. “Lie down and open your legs, you slut.”
She did as she was told and he plunged into her savagely as she lay there, hating every part of his fat body. He finished quickly and placed the gun on his dresser table to dress.
“Now get dressed and never speak to me like that again.”
Kalila dressed quickly, but before he could do anything she picked up the gun and aimed it at him. His face paled as he looked at the barrel.
“Put that down you bitch or you will suffer badly.”
She sneered at him. “No, it is you who will suffer. I have put up with your antics for a year. My skin crawls every time you put your fat gut and small penis into me. You have no respect for me or anyone else except yourself. You use me and all the other girls you bring into your bed. It’s time to end this.”

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291222
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629291215
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 07/01/2014
Publisher: Eternal Press

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