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Maternal Bones

Author(s): Sonnet O'Dell

Book 7 in the Cassandra Farbanks Series.

All she wants for Christmas…is for no-one else to die!

Death, kidnap, and betrayal. Three things no one wants for Christmas. Unfortunately for Cassandra, this year’s end looks bleak. With agents of her father in town, the blame for the death of a prominent member of the community laid at her feet, and a case involving the murder of several expectant mothers, it looks like she might have her hands too full to celebrate. Things are happening that might change Cassandra’s world forever. Without causing more death, she is powerless to stop it. She must know more if she is to survive.

Knowledge is power but power comes at a cost. When all is revealed, will Cassandra be ready to pay the price?


The man standing there couldn’t have looked more out of place. He had a deep green tunic over laid with a grey flapping cloth waist coat, brown leggings that were met by sandals that laced up the calves. He held a knobbled staff with an irregular shaped amber on top the glowed like it had fire frozen inside it. He had a full Fu Manchu mustache and beard in perfect white and hair that was tied in the short half-up half-down ponytail I associated with pre-teen girls.

“And just who the hell are you supposed to be?” He was just one little old man with a stick so of course I was cocky. So that was when Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon showed up. They leapt into view in a sort of from the sky tumble you only see in martial arts movies. Now I’ve watched a fair few of those and the only thing I learned from them was to flail my arms and scream a lot.

I rose to stand to my full height. I towered over them, they couldn’t have been more than four foot each. They bowed at the waist and I noticed the belts around their middles, each with a glistening gem that was both black and blood red at the same time.

“Góngzhú.” I arched a brow.

“I beg your pardon. Is that supposed to be a name?” The middle one, the one who’d try to hit me in the head seemed to be the mouth piece of the trio, smiled.

“It is your title, princess. We are Wu, Fu and Chu Púrén.” He indicated the carbon copy on his left to be Fu and the one on his right Chu.

“Wu, Fu and Chu. My God, we’re a pair of chopsticks and a Siamese cat away from a cliché here.” Wu acted as if I hadn’t spoken at all.

“We have come to escort you home.”

From the way they said it I was sure that they didn’t mean my apartment.

“And if I don’t want to go?”

“Your father has sent us to collect you; we will not be deterred from our mission.” I twisted my foot ever so slightly in the dirt; I’d thought as much.

“Guess you’ll have to catch me first.”

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290843
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290836
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Date Published: 11/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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