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Mortal Instinct

Book 1 of the 'Gallery' Series

Author(s): Widdershins

“If only they knew what they were getting into.”

The Mortal realm came into existence when the Gallery, an assembly of corridors that weave, web-like between planets and dimensions, time and space, was created. Now three not-so-ordinary women must save the Gallery from its ultimate destruction.

Unfortunately, mortals are notoriously stubborn so a cunning Goddess must manipulate them to do her bidding. Unfortunately, she’s not very good at it, and not even the Reweaving of Time can stop the annihilation of the Mortal Realm. Sometimes a woman just has to do it herself.


Chalone reluctantly left her childhood memories behind and put her hands firmly in her pockets.

“Damn.” She said just to hear her voice, the Gallery swallowed sound as easily as it did ECHO technology. “I’ll just have to keep going.”

As she walked along, the floor of the corridor gave a little with each step but felt as substantial as always. She eventually outpaced a perception shift that felt like a giant hiccup and wondered where or when she might be. Each corridor usually had thousands of junctions, but not this one, it just swept inexorably on. She leaned against the wall to consider turning back when something in the shadows just ahead caught her eye.

“Shadows? The Gallery doesn’t have shadows.”

She cautiously walked a few steps to where the light had failed and turned to look back at where she’d been. The light glowed evenly. She leaned against wall again and tried to make sense of what she was seeing, or not seeing. The wall was scratchy and warm and she slid her fingers between the warp and weft of the material seeking comfort or inspiration.

Suddenly a shudder rippled through the wall behind her. Something stabbed her fingertips. She leapt away as though she’d been stung. A jagged wedge of fear shot up her spine. She frantically scanned the empty corridor as if to find her assailant. She was alone. Nothing was out of place.

Her chest ached, reminding her to breathe through the haze of white terror around her. Fingertips tingling with anticipation she gingerly extended her hand toward the wall and made contact with it. All she felt was the ponderous sway every corridor had.

“I hate this! I don’t understand. Nothing makes any sense!” She shouted.

Although she felt marginally better for her outburst common sense told her to run as fast as she could back through the Portal back to her house, into bed and hide under the covers until she convinced herself she was having a really bad dream. But then something else caught her attention that sent her back to the Portal deep in troubled thought.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724574
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 09/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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