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Prey for Closure

Author(s): Nancy Gaffney

Save a friend, save yourself. (There’s no other suggestion?)

Just my luck. The one time I pick up the phone without checking the caller ID, is the one time I can’t say ‘no’ to doing a job. Dan, a man I used to love is up to his usual tricks. Let’s just say he’s the kind of guy who takes the phrases, ‘I never want you to leave me’ and ‘I want to stay with you forever,” a little too literally. But Debbie, his girlfriend, needs my help to make their separation permanent, I owe her a favor. Oh well, so be it. Dan would have showed up on what passes for a work order from Big Mike and Rafe, one of these days.

The question isn’t whether or not I can kill a guy I used to love.

The real question has everything to do with whether or not I can kill Dan before I fall in love with him all over again.


The innuendo he infused into his last three words caused goose bumps to rise and fall, all the way down to where his cold palm and fingers gripped the top of my wrists.

“Isn’t that what you growled at me through clenched teeth, as you fought against the tears that filled your eyes?” Pausing dramatically, he inhaled deeply. Exhaling like a man who’d slaked a monumental thirst, Dan spoke low and deep. “And yet here you are.”

Cold lips pressed a colder kiss onto the warm, soft, fragrant, skin of my shoulder.

“Standing in my house.”

Another kiss, even colder than the last, caused a shiver to travel all the way to my ass.

“A balm for the scar that mars my soul.”

A swipe of his tongue preceded another one of his kisses.

Looking up from lowered lashes, my head all but tipped back onto his shoulder. The sharp edge of Dan’s jaw line, hovered a mere inch from my mouth. Flecks of black, the barest beginnings of stubble, undulated with every word he spoke.

“Proof you’ve always been mine.”

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