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Silent Heart

Author(s): Roberta Hoffer

Filled with love, his heart lies silent.

Some believe in vampires; others do not. Sarah Abbott does. She accidently meets her Great-great-grandfather, Benjamin, who reveals her vampire family of deceased relatives. She is introduced to Carter who is her personal Guardian vampire. He’s loved her for the fourteen years he comforted her with soft humming through many a tearful night. Sarah falls in love with this exquisite immortal with piercing blue eyes.

Their love is in danger when Carter’s creator and nemesis, tracks him down and finds he is in a forbidden relationship with a mortal. Victor makes it his mission to destroy Carter and his family. Unequalled twists to the vampire existence occur which were never previously explored.

Have they made the right decisions? Good and evil collide as the pages bring more vampires with agendas of their own. You will cheer the good, detest the evil, and cry for the lost. Your heart will beat loudly as the story unravels but remember—it is your heart rapidly beating. The hearts of the vampires you come to love lie…silent.


I went back to the desk where the little lady eyed me cautiously, almost expecting my return and my question.

“I have found all the death records I was looking for but with one exception,” I said as I laid the files on the counter.

“My great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Abbott is missing. Could it just be misplaced?” I asked.

The little lady didn’t answer as she rose from her chair, walked over to a separate filing cabinet, and took out a very old, yellowed envelope. On it was printed, CONFIDENTIAL. I took the envelope from her hands and looked into her eyes. They almost pleaded for me to not look—to just let her return the envelope back to the nearly hidden cabinet and walk away.

But, I couldn’t.

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ISBN (Print): 9781615729982
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615729975
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 08/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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