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Silent Madness

Author(s): Roberta Hoffer

Some are related by blood and some…just take the blood.

When the paths of mortality and immortality cross there are expected consequences. The story of a mortal, Sarah, and her immortal husband, Carter, bend the limits of what can be expected. Carter had been given the gift of returning to the mortal world by his colleague, Benjamin.

During his brief return to the living, Carter and Sarah were married and conceived a child. Learning of this great news, the evil Victor formulates a plan to abduct the baby, born or unborn, and regain the good graces of Lady Catherine by placing the mortal child in her hands.

Carter cannot protect his wife and unborn child against the vampire forces and remain mortal. He reluctantly returns to the immortal world only to find his abilities have been enhanced. A false calmness sets in as if waiting for a storm. Ready to take on the next encounter, Carter learns news that throws him off guard for a brief moment. How does a man, mortal or immortal, decide which family he will defend and protect? Only the Abbott family knows the answer as they continue to live in this co-existence between two worlds; both enduring a silent madness.


Just as I spoke I looked straight at the basement door at the other side of the kitchen. Chills spread over me and the hair on my neck stood on end. Carter felt my dismay and placed his arm tightly around me.

“It is just a basement. I would like to check the ceiling down there. You can wait here if you like,” Carter said as he released his grip on me.

“No!” I shouted. “I’ll go with you. I need to go down there. Just stay close, please,” I said as Carter pulled the chain on the bare bulb hanging at the top of the stairs.

“You know I will see them, too. They will not be able to sneak up on you if they are here,” Carter said as he took my hand. We walked carefully down the stairs, watching each step. The wood had rotted years ago and the steps were fragile under our weight. With each creak I wished we had not started this journey.

“I don’t know why I am still afraid of basements. I am a grown woman about to be a mother. I have to overcome these silly feelings before our baby is born. I certainly don’t want to scare him. We are going to own this house; the house is not going to own us,” I said convincingly. Who am I trying to convince? Carter? He can read my feelings like a book. Doesn’t matter; I still hate basements.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726769
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 05/14/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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