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Stranger by Morning

Author(s): rienne Davenport

An alluring combination of danger and temptation…Since she was a young girl, impoverished Chicago resident Reese Donavon has known
highborn teen, Christian St. Lorraine. A friend of her cousin's, Christian has always harbored a tendency for getting himself into trouble. Still, Reese can't resist idolizing the handsome teenager. As she grows, so does her attraction for Christian. Now a teenager herself, Reese's attraction for Christian has
blossomed into far more than petty infatuation. For a time the relationship shared between the pair is nothing short of fairytale material. Until one day, having just graduated from high school, Chris goes off to college leaving Reese alone and confused.
Years go by without any sign of him. Now a reporter for the Chicago Times, Reese has spent
much of her career tracking a world renowned thief known only by the sinister title “The Dark Angel”. Unaware of the criminal’s true identity, she soon finds herself on her way to India, once more tracking the felon's activity.
A rich businessman by day, Chris has spent the past few years moonlighting as a bandit, working with the secret service in hopes of discovering the identity of the person who murdered his mother and sister. When he catches wind that the young reporter is on his trail he surprises her by sneaking into her hotel room late one night and demanding she help him in his endeavor. Unaware of his underlying motive, Reese readily agrees. Now his partner in crime, she finds herself traveling from country to country by his side. Against all odds, she slowly begins falling more deeply in love with the man who she had once sworn never to trust again.
What started out as an awkward business partnership has now turned to a dangerous romance between two people who are only just learning to trust.When they come face to face with the people responsible for the murder of Chris's relatives their already shaky trust is pushed to the limit. In the end it is their love for each other, stronger than even they know that will save them, not only from their
adversaries, but from themselves as well.


The night outside the Oberoi Suite was peaceful and silent. In the courtyard below, hundreds of candles lent an otherworldly glow to the gleaming white tiles and moonlight darted off the calm surface of the Caribbean blue pool. Suddenly a deep groan disrupted the tranquil night, followed by an almost inaudible thud. The thief, still holding the terrace rail, pulled in his rope and left it lying in an inconspicuous pile behind a lounge chair. He might need it again. Spreading his lock picks in his fingers,he chose one of the smaller pieces and slid the rest back into his pocket. It took five or six painful minutes of tapping and prodding inside the lock before the pins finally gave way. His hand covered by a baby blue latex glove, he nudged the door open and glanced around inside the suite. At four in the morning, it was safe to say nobody would be moving about, but you could never be too cautious. It took him a few brief seconds of surveying the room for him to locate his prey. She was lying in the middle of the bed, deep in sleep, unaware of the world around her. In addition, she was alone, exactly as he’d hoped she’d be.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615727063
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 08/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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