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Author(s): Alice Wade

Blood and pain in a vampire ravished land - only an exiled Elf can
stem the flow.
Blood and pain reign in a vampire ravished land where only an exiled
elf can stem the flow. The vampires who riddle the realm have only one
name to fear. Talon, an elf. He and his mate, Kailani have made it
their lifes mission to hunt down and control dangerous covens which
have grown too violent, too hungry, destroying vast amounts of life in
the name of their selfish entertainment. There’s one problem with this
strategy for Talon and Kailani are vampires as well. Together they
must band with humans to defeat the bloodthirsty villain, Kaen, and
his psychotic queen. This is a highly sexual tale any vampire romance
lover will enjoy.
“I am going to enjoy killing you, Kaen.”
“Try, sweetie. Just try.”
From behind them, the wall suddenly opened, rock practically melting
and dissolving as Talon’s magic burned through solid stone and created
his own personal entrance into chamber. What he saw froze his blood
and stilled his heart, forcing a deep guttural growl to vibrate deep
in his chest.
Kaen was standing off the side of his mate, his love and had one talon
nailed hand fondling her full breast, as he pulled at her nipple
absently. Her clothing had been slashed open as she stood chained and
exposed, and through her long hair that had fallen across her face,
she met Talon’s eye with a joy that spoke volumes. He growled again as
no one should be that close to her and live. “Get away from her,”
Kaen laughed and cupped her breast completely. “Well, I do have to say
thank you for sharing, Talon. Its been years since I’ve last seen you
two and to have so much one on one time with Kailani, well it was
“GET AWAY FROM HER!” his voice vibrated through the room and shook the
stone walls, a feat since they were three levels beneath the ground.
Talon was moments from losing complete control. He needed to stay calm
enough to get them out safely, then he could unleash his temper and
raze the building to the ground, rabid vampire newborns and all.
“Temper, temper.” Kaen leaned in and kissed Kailani’s neck, taking a
moment longer to suckle her earlobe before he turned to look at Talon
through Kailani’s disheveled hair. “I knew you would be pissed. You’ve
always been a little possessive of your mate, but you really should
share her more often. It’s a shame you covet her all to yourself,
Talon.” He continued to eye the tall dark haired vampire who wore the
uncharacteristically short hair style, standing stiffly and vibrating
with barely controlled aggression. “You are not disappointing me,
Through all of this, Kailani calmly watched her mate. He was on the
verge of a complete melt down and she had seen what that meant. She
made sure she did not react at all to Kaen’s touch or it would shatter
what little control Talon retained. Impassively, she stared at his
almond shaped eyes, as he tried to measure her well being while
battling his internal demon that wanted to break free and kill
everyone in this room.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726585
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 04/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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