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The Darcy Boys and the He-Bot Hunks

Author(s): A.J. Ryan

A humorous spoof/parody sure to please. When the handsome, hunky models of the all-American fashion label Abercumbie & Felch arrive at the lake for their latest shoot, Tommy is seduced by their world of glamour, glitz and glistening abs.

But being an Abercumbie & Felch model involves much more than Tommy imagined. This time, he may have bitten off more than he could chew.

Will Tommy live long enough to learn that beauty is indeed only skin deep? Will Dash make the dash to rescue Tommy in time? Will Dashs dear dead Daddy help save Tommys lily-white assor will he just dish Dash the tude?

Find out in the greatest mystery adventure about hairless, shirtless, skinny-dipping, football-throwing hunks ever writtenTHE DARCY BOYS AND THE CASE OF THE HE-BOT HUNKS.


Tommy grinned, suddenly dizzy with joy. He threw his hands up excitedly and jumped up and down in the water as though Christmas had come, forgetting all about his embarrassingly stiff cock which now bobbed up and down inside his trousers. Would I ever? Golly, Ive dreamed about it since I was a little boy.

The little Frenchmans gaze bobbed up and down too. Thankfully theres nothing little about you anymore. I assume your answer is yes?

Yes! Yes!


Oh, thanks for asking, but Im fine right now. Although I did drink one too many champagne cocktails with breakfast this morning, and Im a little excited now, I gotta say. What with you asking me to model for you, and all these handsome, hot hunks around.

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ISBN (Print):
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Genre: GLBT
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Publisher: Eternal Press

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