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The Dutch: Prelude to their Golden Age: A Historical Novel

Author(s): Richard E. Schultz

In the Sixteenth century the Dutch people established the right of a people to govern
themselves, by challenging the Divine Right of a King to rule a nation. It was the most radical revolutionary idea of its day. The eighty year war that followed was the prime precursor to the American Revolution two hundred later. This novel is the story of that evolution.

“Both watched the seemingly endless flow of enemy horsemen disembarking from the distant causeway. These German mercenaries were the finest cavalry in Europe. After all these years of war, they knew this would be the first time a Dutch army would even attempt to meet the enemy on an open battlefield.
The Baron seriously told his son, “We could both die this day.”
His son Jon replied “Fear not father. By now, another Lord of the Moist Land had been born. You have a grandson who is safe in Italy. If we lose our lives and homeland today, your grandson, my son, will find a way, with the help of the old gods, to recapture our sacred land.”

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Genre: Historical
Date Published: 03/17/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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