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The Guns of Lazarus Thorne

Author(s): A.C. Croom

With his daughter’s life on the line…Lazarus Thorne turns once again to the gun to see her live…or die trying.
The streets of Three Wells, Arizona turns into a bloody battle ground as outlaws seem to come out of the very woodwork. Shootings leave the town bereft of law until Marshal Shay O’Hara steps in to restore order. He asks Lazarus Thorne to assume the role of lawman. Lazarus is torn between duty as a man that has recently found himself in the role of father to an eight year old daughter he was never told about until the murder of the only woman he ever cared about, and facing the threat to Three Wells. Will he take up the gun again to protect friends and family? How far will Lazarus Thorne go to insure the safety of his only child? Will law be restored to a quiet Arizona town, or will Three Wells become another Tombstone, with open bloodshed in the streets.
Spreading the doors wide, Conner was faced by no fewer than four determined men with silver badges on their chests and guns drawn. He drew the Lady of light and shot two of the men dead. The Sheriff and Deputy Jamie Hill opened fire and everyone involved dove for cover. Shots were fired blindly, shattering windows and ricocheting off splintered wood.

Sheriff Percy Meriwether took a chance and ran for his office door for more ammunition. Conner fired and the bullet took the old Sheriff in the center of his lower back. Percy…, wounded but not dead, dragged himself through the door and into the safety of the office. His Deputy, seeing that he alone was left to face this man lifted himself up and ran away down the street firing blindly over his own shoulder.

Conner stood from behind the water trough that protected him and walked back into the saloon. He went behind the bar and took a bottle off the shelf. He poured a shot glass full and tossed the burning liquid down. Then he began to clean and reload his Ladies. The bartender was still crouched behind and at the other end of the bar, trembling in absolute fear. Conner paid him no attention at all as he whispered and crooned to his beloved Ladies.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615725625
Genre: Western
Date Published: 12/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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