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The Mentor

Author(s): Bruce Cooke

Hell to face with only one hope.

When Angel Forrester, a girl of the street is arrested for shoplifting her life changes when Matt Craig is hired to be her mentor.

When her abuser and stepfather, Frankie Forester is killed and Angel's fingerprints are all over the scene then Matt takes the case in hand to find the killer. Many secrets are unveiled before he can solve the case. Can he now hide the attraction he feels for Angel?


"Is that how it was in the commune?" He began to realize what had happened to this girl before.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Sure. It was a matter of put up or get out. Didn't have much choice. It was that or out on the street."

"But you were, out on the street." He frowned as he listened to her.

"Yeah. Had to leave. One night two of the creeps wanted me at the same time. That was enough for me so after they'd had their fun and gone to sleep I stole fifty dollars from the commune money and pissed off."

"Commune money?" Matt again not understanding.

She shrugged. "There were around fifteen people living there. They all put in their dole money that paid the rent and bought the food. Then all they did was smoke pot and screw around. Most of the girls were just as bad."

Matt paused at her words. He had to set the rules now. "I see. Let's get things cleared up. I do not go around fucking teenage girls as you so delicately put it. I like mature women. So as far as that is concerned you can feel safe. Believe me, you don't turn me on."

"Good—and I'm not a teenage girl. I'll be twenty one in two weeks time on the 21st of November."

Matt felt his jaw tense again. "Okay, now that we understand each other we will go shopping on Monday. On Saturday I have a barbeque to go to. So do you, for that matter."

"A barbeque. Where?"

"At my friends place. Wherever I go, you go. Not the other way around. You don't go to pubs—you don't visit friends. You can't go anywhere without my permission."

She smirked at him. "And this friend. How will he feel with you bringing someone like me?"

"He is the one who recommended me for this job."

Angel's face expressed her feelings. "Shit, he's a cop."

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290805
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290799
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Date Published: 11/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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