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The Sapphire Sea

Author(s): David Andrews

He would not die.

She was old, bordering on obsolescence, under-powered and small. Her crew were the last scrapings of the barrel, a mixture of drunks, old hands and new chums, yet the Sapphire Sea carried as many hopes and dreams on her last voyage in the Timor Sea as the most modern of her cousins.

Join her in Singapore as she sets sail on her final charter. The crew won’t mind and you’ll glimpse a way of life experienced only by those who had the good fortune to live it.


The Sapphire Sea slid sternwards beneath the surface, snuffing out the flames. The darkness turned thick and velvety and the water colder. He could feel it leaching the heat from his body.

The effect of shock?

His mind took the escape route of examining the question rather than the broader implications of his situation. He wasn’t aware of any injury...

A cluster of small yellow lights breaking the surface fifty meters away brought his mind to heel, turning it outwards. Others on deck might have survived the explosion, shielded like him from the direct effect of the blast. He swam towards the lights.

They were the water activated units attached to empty life jackets, probably from the ready use locker on the bridge deck. The wooden lid floating off to release them as the Sapphire Sea sank. He tied them together and started towing them away from the oil he could smell breaking the surface, using the stars to swim northward across the tidal flow. He was at home in the water but they might come in useful later and their lights would guide any other survivors towards him. When he judged himself clear of the leaking oil, he found one of the whistles attached to the life jackets and blew several piercing blasts.

There was no response.

He was alone.

The sea was calm, but the underlying swell of the distant storm lifted him regularly so he could scan the area for the flashing light of the EPIRB. It should have floated clear like the life jackets. Retrieving it would increase his chances of being found.

He looked up at the stars, identifying “The Pointers”, Beta and Alpha Centauri, and used them to find the Southern Cross. It had just turned from its left side, making it after midnight. They’d missed their midnight report to the rig and it was another six hours until daylight. It would be better then.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290041
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290034
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 11/01/2013
Publisher: Eternal Press

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