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The Slam Sisters of Serendipity

Author(s): Terry Campbell

The Slam Sisters smash crime with every toss of fate.

The South rises again as the Slam Sisters of Serendipity come unleashed to investigate crime in their small community of Serendipity, South Carolina. After savoring the sweet taste of victory solving the murder of their locker room attendant at Magnolia Blossom Country Club, they search for more mysteries. The key to their success: their sex lives improve dramatically with each one they solve. In their first year of sleuthin', the team tennis sisters, aged thirty-eight to sixty-two, fall upon crime, murder, family lies and secrets, not to mention extreme adversity. While villains may score in a game of crime, not to worry, for the Slam Sisters serve aces with each toss of fate.


I'd been in hot water before, but this kind was not to my liking, I mused, as the giant Jacuzzi jets blasted me. Theres nothing more humiliating than being stark naked next to Sugar Black. As my Mama always said Enjoy it while you can, because your body heads south at eighteen. Now, understand, I've always been proud of my body. While not perfect, it hasn't fallen the requisite five inches of the average fifty-two year old. Yet Sugar Black, only five years younger than me, defied the odds.Standing no higher than five-feet- two-inches with short brown hair in a spiked pixie cut, Sugar looked ten years younger than her true age. No, honesty required I make that fifteen. Worse, her waist couldn't be more than twenty inches around. I also couldnt spot a single mark that would testify to her having had a nip, tuck and suck.I hated her. Why, Mary Catherine, I've never seen you in the hot tub before, she said as I positioned myself between jets in order to hide my cellulite. Bubbles churned over my bottom half. I usually use the tub in the evening after tennis, I said with a smile. Simon and I eat dinner at the club a lot. That's right, Sugar smiled a cats-got-the-cream grin. Roberta Simms says you don't like to cook. I suggest you don't listen to Roberta. She and I've had an ongoing disagreement about life in general since St. Catherine's. Blast and double blast. Why did Roberta have to stay in Serendipity after high school? Of course, honey. I know how it is. Why, I myself don't like to be the topic of idle gossip. She dunked her head in the water. She came up, her slicked back hair still looking great. I hated her even more. I leaned back against the edge of the tub. So, anything new going on? Like what? Her smile froze on her face. Oh, I don't know. New jewelry? New trip? New husband? I batted the bubbles with my hand. Oh, I'm afraid it's been right boring for me lately. She dropped her gaze from mine and stared at the bottom of the tub. Ive discovered that here in Serendipity life and weather have a lot in common. Theyre both slow and easy. Oh, really? And here I thought there was nothing like a lawsuit to cause a little storm. Serendipity is a bit quiet. I stretched my arms out on the tub. Which makes me curious. Why'd you want to settle here in our sleepy little town? I watched her eyes for a sign. I don't know. She sighed. Maybe Wesley's death was the last straw. You can't even imagine what losing three husbands will do to a girl. Make her about ten million richer? I stretched my legs out and crossed them at my ankles. Youre right of course. I cant even imagine how awful it must have been for you. How did you ever bear it? You know what they say about steel magnolias. She sighed again. Us Southern girls just take it on the chin and keep going. Youre right again. Were just like a Timex. We take a lickin and keep on tickin.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615724215
Genre: Suspense
Date Published: 06/07/2011
Publisher: Eternal Press

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