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The Snow

Author(s): Ross S. Simon

It’s a bloody cold winter.
Throughout history, he has secretly visited this world again and again. The Prankster, the mischief-maker, of Norse mythology…Loki. And now, one Donald Holly—an ordinary, lonely man living in northern Minnesota—comes to be possessed bodily by the Asgardian deity of evil, robbed of his will…and of his very humanity, as horrific death and bizarre destruction blossom from the Trickster’s power, in the town of Eau Froid in the dead of freezing winter. And even Federal experts cannot separate Holly from this parapsychological parasite that manifests in him, as Loki is just too powerful. Yet, Holly himself might just find the will to overcome the evil magic of the demon who would be a god, even if it means the destruction of all that he is…

“Let’s start…er, Mister Loki…with why you came to possess Donald Holly.”
“Mister Loki,” the deity echoed. “Quite cute. Seriously…that is Lord Loki to you. Or, ‘My Lord’ will simply suffice.”
“All right then, My Lord. So you wish to be addressed as is a king by his subjects.”
“I am a king.” He seemed cocky indeed. “King of all Asgard. All Odin is doing is simply taking up space in my court.”
“Asgard, you say. That would be the realm of the Gods?”
“Or of the Aesir, whichever,” Loki elaborated. “That was the word in Nordic tongue for those who had so much of the power and grace that men of Midgard—or this earth—usually had, they were often classified as gods. Look it up!”
“Later, My Lord. Right now, there are questions remaining to be answer-ed. Also, though this is fascinating stuff, you still haven’t yet answered the question with which we started. Why Donald Holly, of all people?”
“He seemed the modern epitome of the struggle of the white man. I’ll e-laborate: I believe that the descendants of the original Norsemen—the Aryan, or Nordic race, or whites, call them whatever—exist only to be taken advantage of. I have been doing that for centuries and centuries…millennia, in fact.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615726400
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 03/07/2012
Publisher: Eternal Press

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