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To Stand with Angels

Author(s): Caitlynn J. Gabriel

In the wild Wyoming Territory, controlled by an evil cattle baron and his outlawís guns, one woman is hiding from her horrific crime and one man is seeking revenge. But when a deadly stranger comes to town, Evil takes on a terrifying new face. Now hiding is no longer an option and a revolver cannot kill the supernatural presence that is waiting in the dark city to claim the souls of those foolish enough to stand against it....


Rian sat with him for the few minutes it took him to drift off, all the while her mind worrying over the man in the guestroom below. She had the irksome feeling that her past was not going to let her be. Her guilty conscience tried to shove all the terrible memories from seven years before back into her mind. But she fought against them. She was certain that while her past actions may come to light once the marshal regained consciousness, it was not for that exact reason he had ventured across their homestead. The reason went far deeper. She didnít understand how she could know such a thing, but she was certain of it. She would stake her life on it.

ďAll us Keenes get that feeling, Rian.Ē Her brotherís words rang so clear in her memory that he stood beside her once again. ďItís that small, nagging premonition that most people get before a bad rainstorm. It pulls at the back of your mind telling you in your gut that your life is about to take a drastic turn. Donít ignore it, Rian. Those feelings are always right, so listen to them. They will save your life one day.Ē

She stood looking down at Kendall sleeping peacefully.

His tiny, boyish snoring broke her distant stare several minutes later. Rian shook her head as she kissed Kendall again and smoothed his blankets. Iím tired and I need a hot bath. She sighed. But I doubt Iíll get much sleep tonight.

She blew out the lamp and headed back downstairs to finish the chore of cleaning the kitchen. Looking ahead to the task of watching over their injured and unwanted guest, she didnít know whether she should pray he would make it through the night or that he died in his sleep. But it didnít matter. She already knew he would live to see tomorrow. The fluttering pit in her stomach told her that a storm was brewing and, like Jackson, Moriana Keene knew better than to ignore her gut instincts.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615720934
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 05/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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