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Waving at the Moon

Author(s): Maggi Andersen

In a post-apocalyptic world, Evie French has just turned seventeen. She and her cousin, Marcus Peters, sixteen, struggle to survive after being left alone in their parent’s bed and breakfast hotel in outback Australia. An endless drought has killed Evie’s father’s avocado trees and all the surrounding habitation. Nothing grows in the fetid soil. Hope comes in the form of a nineteen year old boy, Joel Pitt. He arrives on his motorbike with his dog, Rasputin, bringing supplies. He climbs the tallest tree on the crest of the hill, and locates an area of green down along the coast, hundreds of miles away. The three pile onto the bike, with Marcus and Rasputin in the sidecar, and embark on a trip that will take them over mountainous terrain with a limited supply of food and water. What might they find if they reach the coast? Will other people have survived the devastation? And who bombed their country? No one seems to know.


Joel pulled off the road into a clearing. Evie climbed stiffly off the bike and headed into the shrubbery for a toilet stop. The dead grass whispered round her feet, and the arid air made her mouth sticky. The invasive morning glory vine, which had wrapped itself around everything in its path, hung limp and decaying on the trees.

What if Joel had been mistaken? What if they couldn’t find the place he’d seen? Could they make it back to the hotel without petrol, food, or water? And what good would it do them if they did? Evie tried to banish these worrying thoughts from her mind.

Evie’s stomach felt hollow with hunger. Joel made a fire and opened a tin of beans. He boiled water in an old metal pot and threw in a handful of green tea leaves. She’d got used to green tea now. It wasn’t bad—calming somehow—and they still had lots left. She nibbled a cracker, trying to remember the taste of fresh bread with butter and homemade jam an inch thick, and failed.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615721955
Genre: Young Adult
Date Published: 09/07/2010
Publisher: Eternal Press

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