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Zylkian's Blood

Author(s): Michelle Hoefle

 She is a tough, dedicated physician…he’s a Terranian warrior through and through…will he be able to convince her to care for him as more than a patient?
Vampires are terrorizing Chicago’s streets and the Terranian warriors must stop them. 
Doctor Betsy Wilson takes her role as physician very seriously when she treats a stranger following an attack. Then she gets caught up in his alien, vampire hunting world. 
Zylkian is a hardened Terranian warrior all the way through. When he opens his eyes and spots Betsy, he instinctively knows she belongs with him. 
She must keep her professional distance long enough to study him and his race, while he wants her to care for him as a male, not just as her patient. When the master vampire singles her out, she and Zylkian must face some hard choices…one of which might mean her death.
Book four of the Carpathian Blood Series.


 Zylkian was staring at her with hot, hungry eyes and her body unwillingly responded. Betsy couldn’t look away from him as he stood and flexed his shoulders. Watching him slowly pull on his tattered leather coat, her lips parted as her breathing became faster, more shallow. Her nipples pebbled and her blood heated. He took the three steps necessary to bring their bodies close. With only inches between them, she felt his body heat. Her breath caught as she inhaled his male scent. He smelled of woods and spice, a sensual blend of man and musk. He brought his hand up to her face and lightly traced her chin and throat with his fingertips, sending shivers over her flushed skin. His hand came to a rest at the base of her throat with his thumb pressing on her rapidly beating pulse.
Keep it impersonal, she thought to herself. Betsy cleared her throat. “I, umm, I’ll need the password to your computer system.” Her voice was soft, husky.
Zylkian lifted the corner of his full lips in a crooked smile. “Of course, doctor. It is Terranian1293, which will let you in to most of the files you need.” His voice was like velvet, stroking her from the inside. She could listen to him talk all day long with that sexy voice. Staring at her intently, Zylkian’s dark gray eyes pinned her with heat.
Placing one hand on his bare chest, she pushed slightly. She needed to keep a clear head, but he was too big, too appealing, and much too close right now. Watching him intently, she saw his head bending closer to hers, and she found herself leaning into him. Their lips almost brushing, she kept her eyes open wanting to see the heat in his gaze. Betsy jumped at the shrill alarm of the centrifuge, hastily leaning back from his hard, male body. Talk about saved by the bell!
Taking a couple of steps back, he let his hand drop from her skin. She almost felt bereft at the lack of closeness. To hell with that, she thought. She was here for a scientific opportunity and that was all.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629291444
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629291437
Genre: Vampire
Date Published: 09/01/2014
Publisher: Eternal Press

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