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Soylent Red

Author(s): Jamieson Wolf

Soylent Red

by Jamieson Wolf

Owen is a schizophrenic with multiple personality disorder. Inside of him are three other personalities that fill up his waking and dreaming hours.

Residing inside of the Sunny Dale Rest Facility, Owen, at his doctors urging, begins to chronicle the pieces of his past with a black leather journal and a felt tip pen. She believes that through writing, and through movies, memories can be triggered and Owen can be cured.

But then the other personalities within him start writing for themselves.
When people begin to die in the SunnyDale Rest Facility, Dr. Miranda Stapleton knows that Owen may be responsible, but she is willing to do anything to hide Owen’s secret. But it is not Owen who is responsible. It is someone inside of him…

Told entirely in patient assessments, journal entries, poetry, pictures and pop culture references, Soylent Red is a dark descent into a human mind and one personalities quest to live beyond the skin.

After all, what is a little blood and death if you can live forever?

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Genre: Horror
Date Published: 11/26/2011
Publisher: eTreasures Publishing

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