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Beyond Friends

Author(s): Xondra Day

Long time friends and one time lovers, Jack and Rain, are now at a crisis in their relationship. Polar opposites, each harbour romantic feelings for the other, but are afraid to own up to them.

When a tragic event happens in Rain's life, he looks to Jack to help him pick up the pieces, realizing there has only ever been one man in his life that he has truly loved-Jack. But will Jack return his love? Can they ever be more than just friends?

Be Warned: m/m sex


How come we never ? asked Rain.
Never what? questioned Jack, playing dumb.
You know Rain rested one hand against Jacks chest, toying with the fabric of his t-shirt.
Were friends, I guess. Friendship is important. This was true, but he couldnt deny hed thought about Rain many times in various situations that were much more than friendly.
I do value our friendship, said Rain. Still, I cant help but wonder what it might be like if we, you know, played around a bit. I like you in that way Jack. And I think you feel the same. I saw how you looked at me tonight. Its ok if you want to touch me. I want you to touch me.
Rain slipped one hand under Jack s t-shirt, his fingers dancing lightly across the guys stomach, moving lower. Jack bit his bottom lip, stifling a moan.
You like that, whispered Rain, his hand breaching the snug, elastic waistband of the boxers.
Jack moaned. He did like it, and there was no use in denying it.
These need to come off, murmured Rain. Jack raised his hips allowing him access.
His mind told him they shouldnt, but his heart and his cock spoke louder.
Youre so fucking gorgeous. From the first moment I saw you at the bookstore, the first time I came in, I thought that, and I still do.
Ive imagined many times getting between your legs like this and grabbing your cock, taking you deep in my mouth. And what about you, Jack? Have you ever thought about me like that?
Jack tossed his head back against the pillows, looking up at the ceiling. Rain now had him in his tight grip, stroking him hard, up and down, tugging on his foreskin. Yes. Yes I have. He let out a deep groan feeling Rains tongue slide up and down his throbbing shaft.
Details, demanded Rain. I want details, Jack. Talk dirty to me.
I, stammered Jack. I want you to suck my cock. I want to shoot down your throat while you look up at mefuck!
The image burned in his head. As he scooted up to look down at Rain, he was taken aback to finally see it playing out.
You taste yummy. Rain looked up at him, his green eyes wide with desire and lust. Keep watching me, babe. This is the best cock-sucking youll ever experience.
The newfound confidence Rain was exhibiting was a total eye-opener. Never had Jack seen him like this.
Jack watched his cock slide deep into Rain s mouth, lips stretching, his piercing eyes watching Jack with every slick movement.
Sexy fucking stud, exclaimed Rain, withdrawing Jacks dick from his hot, glistening mouth. I love your big cock. You taste so fucking good, man.
The bed clothes slid to the floor, exposing Rain s lithe, clothed body. Jack grinned. The guy looked cute all bundled up in his oversized stuff. Mmmm, lemme see you naked.
Rain slipped to the end of the bed and stood. He hauled the t-shirt over his head, tossing it aside. A huge wicked grin crossed his lips. You like? he asked, one hand sliding across his chest.
Very much so. Jack nodded.
Slowly, Rain lowered both hands to the waist of his sleep pants. He edged the waist lower until Jack could see the slightest hint of light, brown fuzz dancing below his navel.
Hot, hot, hot!
Youre teasing. Jack inflected a serious tone into his voice.
Me a tease? Never. Rain lowered the waist a little more until his cock sprang free. Climbing back onto the bed, he covered Jacks naked body with his until there was nothing separating them but hot, horny flesh.
They gazed into each other s eyes. Their lips connected, tongues melded together. The friction between them increased as Rain forced Jacks legs further apart until they were rutting against each other.
If you keep doing that, Im going to come, murmured Jack.
Then come, I want you to come. We have all night.
You re evil.
Rain licked his lips. I can still taste you.
I never once thought this would happen.
Then you can think again, laughed Rain, grinding his hips into Jack. On second thought, dont come yet. I want you in my mouth again, I want to drink you, swallow you, taste your hot load.
And that s how the night ended. Rain was true to his word. He did provide Jack with the best blow-job hed ever received. Well, it was the only one hed ever had. But Jack kept that information to himself.
They woke the next day intertwined in each others arms. Jack was late for work, but Rain had the day off. The odd thing was, Rain pretended like nothing had happened between them, which left Jack in a total state of confusion.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-30-3
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/04/2011
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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