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Branded Seductions

Author(s): Amanda Rose, Jennifer May

Branded by Blood, 1

Shep was the military alpha for a band of brothers sent to control the outside paranormal population. Now they focus their cause on one thing―blending in, in the one place they've helped the military destroy. The para community.

With the General on his heels, and a crazy ex girlfriend close behind, will Shep have the training he needs to elude them both and finally find his mate, or will he soon realize that even in the para community, things aren't always as they appear?


Anya watched, amazed, as his body began to contort. It wasn’t more than a few seconds before his human body sagged to the floor. His arms seemed to shake as he tried to lift himself from the cold, damp stone.

“Are you all right?” Anya asked as she moved to the end of the makeshift bed.

She placed her fingertips on the back of his shoulder. The look he gave her as he slowly began to rise caused her to draw herself back. Holy hell. He might not have been in wolf form anymore, but the animalistic look clouding his face was still there. With the way he was moving toward her, he wasn’t coming over to just say hello.

“You want me.” His head bent down to the ground as he took in another deep breath. “I can smell it on you.” His eyes lifted and locked with hers. “Come to me, Anya.” Shep’s last words were deeper than the others. Her name came out as if he was calling her through a release.

She became frantic with indecision. Did she run or submit to him? The pull of the moon outside the dark cave had her wanting to give herself to Shep. But should she? Hell, she wanted to. But what then? Would tomorrow come and he’d be the same cold, nasty person she knew lurked behind the wolf façade? Too many questions pummeled her at once.

A hand grasped around her ankle and gently pulled at her. Anya could feel herself sliding down onto her back. She knew she should fight it, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop the curiosity of what he would be like. Did she let the beast in him dominate her like she’d wanted since the first time he licked her neck.

The grip loosened while Shep’s head lowered and trailed the length of her leg. The feel of his hot breath against her moist private area only increased her need to feel him touch her more. An aching pain throbbed in her lower stomach as she waited for him to make some sort of move.

“Shep?” Her voice came out sounding fragile, almost unsure.

“No words tonight, Anya. Just feel.” He spoke to her thigh without breaking his focus on her flesh.

Large hands separated her legs wide while his face lowered. At the first contact of his tongue against her upper, inner thigh, she nearly screamed. Her fingers weaved into his hair, driving him closer to where she wanted him.

“Don’t rush this, darlin’. Let me savor your taste.”

Teeth nibbled higher up her leg until she thought she’d die from the anticipation. A whimpering moan escaped her lips while he sucked her skin into his mouth. He was so close. Just a little more and she’d be in heaven.

Pressure gripped into her hips. His hands clutched to her tightly as he climbed higher. The first brush of his tongue against her slit nearly had her upper body coming off the bedding. Fire erupted through her entire body while he took his time exploring her sensitive area. The scent of him was everywhere, drugging her with every shaky breath she took. Anya buried her face into a piece of torn cloth under her as she tried her best not to scream.

“You have no idea how good you taste.”

Anya turned, reaching for his arms. “Then come up here and show me.”

The corner of his mouth lifted as he gave her the beginnings of a smile. “You want me up there? Are you sure?”

“If I don’t feel you on me soon, I’m going to go crazy.”

Shep’s tongue slid across his lips and Anya lost it. She grasped his biceps trying to pull him more on top of her, when her wrists were suddenly pinned over her head. The adjustment of his hands had him holding them down with the strength of one arm. Just seeing his free hand hover over her chest caused her to arch for contact.

“You want me to touch you here?”

Fingertips traced around the curve of her breast, so nonexistent she wasn’t sure if what she was feeling was actually him or her mind.

“Yes.” The shear desperation in her voice twisted her already tightened stomach.

Shep’s lips parted as he let out a ragged breath. “How about here?”

It felt like air traveled over the flatness of her stomach until it reached the apex of her thighs. Heat rolled off Anya in waves. She’d never wanted anyone as much as she wanted him right now. The need to experience more left her sensitive and yearning.

“Please. No more. I can’t stand the teasing.”

Shep laughed deep in his throat. It took everything in her to fight the heaviness of her eyes from the pleasure. Uncontrollable need made her legs lock around his waist, but she couldn’t budge him.

“I know what you want.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-76-1
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 08/24/2011
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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