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El Mirador

Author(s): Jean Maxwell

 Building a legacy...can be a beach. Rebuilding it...can be deadly.

Zara Flynn is an ambitious young architect, the daughter of renowned construction owner Tristan Flynn. When Tristan is killed in a jobsite disaster, Zara inherits both Flynn Enterprises and the problem of El Mirador, an abandoned piece of property on the Costa del Sol. Romance and intrigue are the farthest things from Zara’s mind, but gets a bulldozer-load of both when others scheme to steal her inheritance and a sexy Latin pop star tries to seduce her.

Thrown together with handsome engineer David Parker, she determines to discover the secrets of El Mirador as well as the circumstances of Tristan’s death. But Zara is already in danger of being eliminated in the same manner as her father.

As they get closer to the answers, Dave and Zara get closer to each other until their attraction ignites a romantic passion that has no shut-off valve. Zara Flynn inherits more than she bargained for beneath the steel beams and concrete of El Mirador and faces both a personal and environmental dilemma.


David lay wide awake, feeling the breeze on his skin, listening to the birds, taking in every detail of the moment. The white paneled walls, the cool cotton of the sheets, and most of all, the gorgeous girl sleeping next to him.

He wanted to touch her, kiss her, make love to her again as he had last night and hear her soft moans as he pleasured her. But he didn’t dare to wake her just yet. The picture was so perfect, so blissful, he felt suspended in time and feared that if he moved a muscle the scene might burst like a bubble and be only a dream.

He breathed deeply to catch the scent of her perfume. He tried to commit to memory the look of her hair cascading across the pillow, her eyelashes, the lightly freckled nose, the silver chain and dolphin pendant nestled at her collarbone.

The white sheet partially covered her nude body. One hand rested across her stomach, the other palm-up on the pillow. One breast lay exposed, and risking that the dream could shatter, he leaned down and licked the nipple, feeling the bumpy texture of it against his tongue. Christ, he felt hard again already. He loved everything about this woman, wanted to possess her forever.

He moved upward with his tongue, tracing a line to her throat, over her chin, and across her lips. Her closed eyes began to twitch and flutter open. She blinked, bringing him into focus. A smile crept across her face as she looked back at him. He almost felt relieved that she recognized him, that it hadn’t all been a dream and she was here in the present with him. He smiled down at her.

“Good morning, Montreal.”

“Hey, Thunder Bay,” she replied. “Or should I say, Thunder Boy?” She grinned sleepily.

Dave hoped he hadn’t made quite as much noise during their lovemaking as all that, but if he’d made her feel like she’d been caught in a crashing, rollicking Great Lakes thunderstorm and liked it, that pleased him.

She reached up and put her hand on his cheek. “Are you real?”

He turned his face so that her finger slipped between his lips and he bit it gently. “Afraid so, mademoiselle. Anything else you’d like to know?”

She smiled mischievously. “Yeah, are you ready for round two?”

He raised his eyebrows twice in a villainous fashion and leaned down to kiss her. “Ding, ding,” he answered, mimicking a ringside bell. He let their lips find each other again as he pulled the sheet away. He laid against her, his stiff cock showing her exactly how ready he was.

His hand followed the outer curve of her breast with an open palm then circled the edge of her nipple with his fingertips. They stiffened instantly and he could hear her soft sigh even though he kept her lips fully occupied. He broke their kiss in favor of taking the taut, pink-brown berry in his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it and sucked, thinking no food or drink on earth would ever taste this sweet. She groaned and leaned her head back against the pillow. Oh, he could do so much more for her.

Taking more of her breast in his mouth, he sucked harder and slid his hand down to her hip, then across her abdomen. Settling his fingers in her pubic hair, he rubbed her mound gently before sliding a finger into the wetness between her legs. She gasped and arched her back as she moved into his touch. Her slickness made his dick throb with wanting to enter her. But not yet.

He stroked her sweet hot-button of flesh and heard her breath catch with each pass. He slipped one finger inside her, then two, moving them slowly in and out until she moaned aloud.

The pressure of blood in his dick rose to a maddening level. He felt as though he’d break apart if he didn’t fuck her right this second, but no, he’d finish her and watch it happen. His mouth left her breasts and he dragged his lips across and down her belly. He heard his own voice whispering her name, “Zara...” Though it sounded ethereal and bodiless as if floating above them.

Instinctively she raised her knees and Dave thought he just might die of pleasure as he brought his head between her thighs and tasted her sex, his tongue taking plunging strokes against her clit.

Her hands rested on his head, fingers entwined in his hair as she followed his motion. He looked up and, incredibly, saw her gazing directly back at him as he continued his magic. Their eyes locked while he worked his clever tongue against her until he pushed her over the edge, watching her as she came. He could taste it, smell it, knew he’d reached his goal of bringing her to orgasm.

Her eyelids closed as if overwhelmed by the power of it. Her hands trembled as they remained tangled in his hair. Now. He needed her now and moved his body overtop her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew her thighs up on either side of him. So hot and wet, he slid easily into her and felt like he’d been granted permission to enter heaven itself.

Joy and lust collided in his soul as he drove deep, without restraint, again and again. She kissed his face, his neck, rubbed her hands up and down the muscles of his back as she moved in sync with each thrust, accepting him deeply and completely.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-927368-35-0
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published:
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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