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Fairy Flavor

Author(s): Anna Keraleigh

The fairies are going extinct. The trolls are trying to take the land for their own nefarious purposes and King Carrick, ruler of the fairy kingdom, has found a human mate. Now he just has to convince her to stay amidst the chaos.

Brook finds herself in love with a fairy, as if that isnt strange enough, shes kidnapped by the trolls and asked to be queen of this fantasy kingdom. Her heart screams approval but a man named Valen and some deadly trolls stand between them.


A male fairy, well thats something she didnt see every day. With those wings, his hard exterior looked so amazingly delicate, and yet when his eyes fell upon her, it was sheer, predatory lust. Brook stilled at the sight, the green, rolling hills so famous of Ireland completely forgotten.
A real fairy, he stood taller than she did, nearly six feet with wide blue green wings. He was handsome, rugged, with black hair wild in the breeze. His jaw had this wonderful edge made for nibbling. His lips were plump, his body designed for passion. She finally looked away. He was built like an ancient Greek hero, all muscle and power. He wore a small, brown loincloth that made her blush like a virgin. Shed be tempted to spend the day in his arms, if he was even real. Maybe she had too much sun.
Hours passed as she wandered this dazzling landscape. Glancing back left her shocked and a little disappointed to see he was, indeed, a figment of her sun exposure. There was nothing beneath the big willow tree but shade. Oh well, her handsome fairy would make great fantasy material for a few weeks.
She scanned the surrounding hills, just green grass and sunshine. Feeling a tad bit lonely, she walked to that tree, checked once more before settling down beneath long tendrils of healthy, green leafs. They reminded her of the way her blonde hair decided to act today, wild in the wind.
The air was lighter here, cooler, and shed gladly accept a break from that beating sun. Maybe shed take a nice nap now, and she knew just what shed dream of. Forget her new job at the lawyers office for a while; forget all the repairs on her new house. Shed forget the stress from moving to this quiet spot along Irelands shore after all her years in Los Angeles and play wickedly with her handsome fairy. She stretched out her legs, leaned her head carefully against the smooth tree bark and closed her eyes to the majestic land.
This dream was getting naughty, she felt the warmth at her side, and yet she couldnt open her eyes. That was odd. Normally her fantasy man would be nude and sampling her flesh. This dream was different.
She couldnt see him, but feel, oh yes. The bulge against her leg was impressive. His fingertips slinked down her neck, skimmed over her breasts and just missed her nipple. They traveled to explore her curvy hips and dipped between her legs. Why did she have all her clothes on? His hand cupped, gently molded the shape of her womanhood before continuing his journey.
She tried so hard to hold the moan, and then his lips pressed tenderly again her neck, so sweet, so seductive. Brook grinned and adjusted her head to meet his lips. Their mouths meshed, and tongues danced seductively.
Finally, she opened her eyes. It was, indeed, her fairy man. His body pushed against her side and those amazing wings tucked against his back. She wanted to see them fully extended, his body exposed to her eyes. He could please himself and shed gladly lick up the remains.
I want you.
The best words a girl could hear in this position. She licked her lips, leaned forward and positioned her hands on his chest. His flat nipples perked as she circled them with her fingers and a raw moan escaped his lips. His abs were like stone. She explored each ripple of muscle. That loincloth still rested across his hips. It tented, dangerously close to popping stitches. She loosened the thin straps that held him secure and urged the cloth aside.
Her mouth instantly watered, her body ached with lust. His shaft was seriously striking. It jutted thickly from a nest of black curls; his heavy sacs were a treat for the eyes.
Well now, you look good enough to eat. She grinned, feeling bolder than shed ever felt before. Her ex-husband would pass out in shock. She wanted to do things to her fairy man that would make a whore blush. Brook was all ready to taste test his hunk of flesh, but he pressed her shoulders back to the bed. She looked into those amazing eyes.
I want to make love with you.
How sweet was her subconscious? Same here, fairy man...
He gave her a quizzical look, his grin adorable, like a boy up to no good. There was nothing unattractive about her fantasy man. Did she know how to create a good-looking guy or what?
His lips found her earlobe, sucking gently before he nibbled his way to her mouth. This kiss was more intense. His tongue dominated, his body shifted and before she could catch her breath, her shirt lifted.
Her tanned tummy held a few pounds shed been trying to lose for the last three years. He didnt seem to mind. His warm palm slid up, her body quivered in anticipation as he shoved the material to her neck and gazed at her plain white bra. Plain white? What happened? She should be wearing something sexy in this dream, like black lace or red silk, and what about those pounds? Hello, her dream, she was always perfect in here, only in here. She lifted her head, slightly confused when he cupped her breast. The feel was too superb to complain.
Her nipple instantly puckered, all her nerves bounced and her back arched. He found her tip after a few gentle strokes. She reached over and clenched handfuls of his silky black hair. Tugging until his lips were at hers, he kissed her.
The passion was instant, the desire building with each caress. He caused her body to slowly boil as he trailed his lips over her chin, down her neck and toward those aching nerves. His tongue followed this wonderful path over the soft mound of cleavage to her nipple.
Fairy man was one hell of a licker. He used that tongue through her bra and tipped the cup lower so it was flesh on flesh.
Sweet heaven. The words rushed out of her mouth, her knees fell open, and she held his head exactly there. He nibbled, his teeth worked wonders on her tender flesh. Carrick didnt stay at that exquisite spot for long; he must have realized she would explode.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-29-7
Genre: Fantasy
Date Published: 03/02/2011
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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