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I'm All Yours

Author(s): Vanessa Devereaux

 Perfect Pairing, 2

What happens when someone has humiliated you on public television? And how do you deal with a woman who has thrown a martini in your face and brought the press along to witness it? If you’re Evie Winters and Kyle Daley, you despise one another.

However, Sadie Sutton, witch and CEO of Perfect Pairing knows better. She’s taking a gamble on the future of her matchmaking business, determined that these two are a match made in heaven.

She’ll do anything to get them together even if it means trapping them in an elevator that’s about to get stuck between floors and feeding Evie the most potent aphrodisiac known to witches…


             Evie realized she should have asked for the lemonade recipe before she’d left the Perfect Pairing offices. Best thing she’d ever tasted and she’d like to make some for herself. That wasn’t the only thing she’d enjoyed. She’d also thought Sadie was very down to earth and helpful. She was quite the character and had assured Evie that she’d find her the perfect man on the first try and that she’d be in touch soon with information about her first date.


            The elevator door opened, and Evie got inside and pressed for level one where she’d parked her car. She rode alone for two floors before it stopped on level fifteen. She rummaged through her bag for her car keys as she stepped backwards making room for anyone who might be getting in. She didn’t look up until it started moving again and when she did…


            “You,” she said looking Kyle Daley straight in the eye.


            “Well, well if it isn’t Miss Toss a Martini in My Face.”


            She saw his finger hovering over the button for level one, but then he pulled it away after seeing it was already lit.


 Damn. She’d have to ride all twelve floors with him.


            They stood side by side but didn’t say anything. Evie glanced sideways.


            “Is that dandruff on your collar or some leftover Parmesan cheese?” She knew it was inappropriate, but she couldn’t help herself.


            “You know, Evie, you’re not in the least bit amusing.”


            “I guess you’d know, Mr. Stick Up My Ass, and ‘it would hurt me to smile once in awhile’.”


“Yeah, bet you’d love to shove something sharp up my ass. So what brings you to this neck of the woods? Pissed at someone else and have another martini to throw?”


There was no way in hell she was telling him she’d just signed up with a dating agency. Wouldn’t that make him laugh? The fact she couldn’t get a date by her own means. Well, she could, but just not with guys she wanted to have a relationship with.


            “None of your business,” she said, keeping her eyes fixed on the door.


            There was silence between them as music played in the background as they rode down.


            “By the way, your fly is open,” said Evie.


            He burst out laughing.


            “Yeah, like I’m going to fall for that one. What you gonna do when I lean over to secure it, kick me up the ass?”


            The idea was so, so tempting.


            “Fine, step outside the elevator with your blue boxers on full display.”


            If, and if being the key word here, he was smart enough, he’d realize she’d only know he was wearing blue ones if his pants were really open. She grinned when she heard the zipper being fastened. Maybe he wasn’t as dumb as she’d given him credit for.


            Suddenly the music stopped, and the overhead light blinked twice and then went out completely. The elevator jerked to an abrupt stop.


            “Shit, don’t tell me we’re stuck,” said Kyle.


            “Press the call button on the panel,” said Evie.


            “Pardon me, I wasn’t thinking of doing that. Must be because I’m not as smart as you.” He pressed a yellow button.


            “That’s not the right one. That’s the open door button, which doesn’t work if you’re stuck between floors, which we probably are.”


            “Okay, okay, Miss I know everything.”


            “And maybe you should press the emergency button just in case they don’t know we’re trapped.”


            “Will you keep quiet for just a second? Do this, and do that. If we’re really stuck we could run out of oxygen, and with you babbling all the time you’ll be taking my share.”


            Evie lifted her hand. She really wanted to slap him but just couldn’t bring herself to do it.


            “I hate you so much,” said Evie. She knew she shouldn’t have done it, but while he was leaning over trying to figure out which was the correct button to push, she raised her foot, placed it in the center of his left buttock and pushed.


            He fell forward, hitting his head on the panel.


            Kyle turned around, and although it was now subdued lighting inside the elevator she could see he had a crazy look in his eye. Shit, she shouldn’t have done that. It was wrong; it was pushing her luck, and now she’d have to pay the consequences. And there was nowhere to run.

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