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Author(s): Alexandra O'Hurley

  A Berserker Mate's Story, 3

Once inseparable, twin Berserkers, Eryck and Erulf, have been growing apart as Eryck’s magic continues to build.  Teetering on the edge of an explosive realization, Eryck struggles with his emotions, especially when he dreams of Kharisma spending her nights in his arms.  When one of those dreams turns into nightmare, his trust wavers.  Yet the two have no choice but to trust her to lead them on a perilous journey.

Kharisma knows she’s a Berserker’s mate and has been expecting the two brothers to eventually come claim her.  But she refuses to be held to a destiny she hasn’t chosen.  Instead she wants to blaze her own path, as far from the brothers as possible.

When she gets a taste of what life with them is like, she runs.  Overwhelmed, she has to decide if fate had it right or not.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, rimming, bondage.


 No!  No, they couldn’t ask her to do this, to go with them.  No!

“You will assist us,” Eryck grated out between clenched teeth.

It wasn’t a question, more of a demand.  How dare he?


“I wasn’t asking.”  Eryck’s amber eyes started to glow slightly as she finally got the nerve to look into his eyes, knowing she would have to in order to stand her ground.

“Perhaps if you had been polite enough to ask me, I would have considered it further.  But I don’t take kindly to being forced into anything.”

The male growled at her and her traitorous body reacted.  Her nipples stiffened under the thin material of her gown and her clit throbbed as blood flowed freely to her core.  They could see and smell her arousal and it pissed her off to no end.  Their nostrils flared and they began to crowd her.

“I think the thought of being forced arouses you.”  Eryck stepped even closer.

She put her hands up, claustrophobia setting in.  “You can’t force me to do this.”

“Save the world or consider your wishes—hmm, not sure which one sounds like the better route?”  Eryck pushed against her hands.  “What do you think, Rulf?  Should we leave her be?”

“I think you need to back off of her.”  A growl emanated from Erulf’s chest.

Eryck turned to look over his shoulder.  “She has to come.”

“Ask her—nicely—and stop this bullshit, now.”

Eryck turned to look her in the eyes.  “I’m asking nicely.  Come with us.”

“And if I don’t?”

“You’ll be over my shoulder and out the door in two seconds.”

Cream swept along her cunt at his words and she felt sick to her stomach at her reaction.  His nostrils flared wide as he scented her.

“So, I have no choice?”

Eryck paced ever closer, inches from touching her.  The desire to step away screamed in her head, but she refused to back down.

“You do—at this moment.  But I have the choice to change your mind if you don’t pick the correct course of action.”

She stood staring into his amber eyes and attempted not to jerk in surprise when they began to light from inside, switching completely to silver.  The magic inside him was raw, powerful.  Just like the man that power was contained in.

Part of her wanted to flee, run from the room and use her limited magic and escape him.  She was a strong witch, but she also knew that she would have nothing against Eryck if he chose to pull out all the stops.  And with the temper he was showing her now, he could harm her.  The two would catch her in no time, wasting the resources she had.

“Fine.  I’ll go with you.  But it’s under duress.”

His next words were a low whisper that she was sure his brother could not hear.

“After we do what we must, I’m going to make sure your little problem is fixed,” Eryck whispered to her, the hairs rising on the back of her neck at the suggestion.

There was no point in feigning ignorance at his words.  She didn’t have time to continue playing his little game.  “I don’t need you fixing anything of mine.” 

“By the time I fuck you, you’ll be begging for it.”


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-77130-069-8
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Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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