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Power Play

Author(s): Xondra Day

Daria Desmond is a woman hell bent on exploring not only herself, but also the boundaries of her marriage. With the firm belief that variety is the spice of life, she heads into the adventure of a lifetime with a most agreeable husband. Her life is an erotic journey of self discovery, and in the end, only one thing mattersher marriage and the bond that comes with it.

Be Warned: multiple partners, bondage, forced seduction, sex games, brief m/m interaction.


Forging her way past the mysterious stranger, Daria slowed somewhat passing his table. He was alone. This time she was the one to make eye contact, adding a smile for good measure. And when he stood and followed her, her heart skipped a beat. She anticipated what was to come.

Once inside the ladies room, Daria stood in front of the large mirror reapplying her lipstick, fussing with her hair until she felt strong arms entwine around her waist. The stranger had arrived.

He pulled her back toward him with a force that made her gasp, his strength exciting her, causing her pulse to quicken.

Third stall, she ordered, his hands already cupping her breasts.

Inside the stall, Daria locked the door as the mystery man's fingers found the buttons in her silk blouse. One by one they unclasped.

Damn, he muttered. Youre one fine looking piece of sexiness. His hands cupped her heaving breasts, thumbing the black lace which encased them. Very nice, I cant help but wonder if youre wearing matching panties?

Daria grabbed his face, her fingers grazing the dark stubble adorning his jaw. A wry grin crept across her lips. Then I guess youll have to get down there and find out for yourself. Leaning back onto the toilet, she thrust her hips out, hiking her black skirt high above her slender hips.

Just as I thought, he replied, falling to his knees, slipping on hand inside the flimsy fabric.

Daria felt her moist lips part, the mysterious strangers fingers working wonders on her, manipulating her in all the right places, then his tongue. Grasping the back of his head, she pulled him into her, his hot breath, her clit equating pure ecstasy.

Oh my, she said with a sigh, biting down on her bottom lip. His tongue was something special. She whimpered with every lap of his tongue, always careful to not make too much noise. The last thing she needed was to get caught in this most precarious situation.

Thats it, just like that. She gasped when he inserted two fingers, his tongue flicking her throbbing clit.

You like that, you little vixen. I knew you were a wild one from the first moment I spotted you from across Sebastiens.

Oh yes, Daria replied. Glancing downward, she stifled a gasp when she caught a glimpse of his huge, thick cock popping from the opening in his trousers, which he stroked with his free hand.

Grinding her hips down on his double digits, she hoped his cock would feel just as good pummeling her pussy.

The thought of him sliding his cock inside her was overwhelming. And when he slid her panties to the floor, she pulled him upwards, grasping his cock with both her hands.

Suck it, he ordered.

He tensed when her tongue found him. Up and down, she savored every inch, her tongue lingering on his cockhead. Down again, this time she choked slightly on his vast length. Of course the female voice outside the stall, calling to her didnt help either.

Daria, are you there?

It was Rita.

Together, they froze in place. Daria withdrew the mysterious strangers cock from her mouth. A humorous look passed between the two.

Im here, replied Daria.

Goodness, youve been gone forever. I thought something may have happened to you. Are you ok? The concern that Rita felt was obvious in the tone of her voice.

Im fine. Daria searched her mind for a suitable excuse. I just need a few more minutes and Ill be out.

Should I wait? Daria knew that Rita was occupied looking into the mirror, checking herself, not noticing the two pairs of feet sticking out from under the stall.

No Rita. Go back to the table and make sure the champagne is properly chilled when it arrives. I wont be much longer. Daria waited for a reply but instead heard the door latch shut as Rita left.

Sit, she ordered, forcing the sexy stranger down onto the toilet. I dont have much time and I want you to fuck me before I leave.

With precise aim, Daria guided him into her slickness as she straddled over him. This time it was he who bit his bottom lip in ecstasy.

Daria felt his hands on her breasts, manhandling them through the black lace.

Youre fucking perfect, he said, thrusting deep into her. Every mans fantasy, and then some.

Hard and fast, she ordered. I have to get back to my table or shes likely to return again.

Your wish is my command, he replied with a grunt.

Together they formed a rhythm. Meeting his every thrust with one of her own, Daria ground down, taking him deeper into her hot pussy.

A few moments passed and then she felt it, surging through her, that tingling internal sensation. Daria craved it, feeling it rise, supreme hotness intermingled with a most pleasurable pressure. If anyone should walk in now, she was too far gone to even give a damn.

Im going to come, announced the mysterious stranger, slamming into her.

Darias nipples throbbed, her clit burned with desire. And then it came, flooding, washing over her, quaking and rattling every delicious nerve ending. It was over.

In a flash, they both dressed and with a few brief words, said good-bye to one another.

Back at the table Rita looked anxious as Daria took a seat.

Its about time. The foods come. Its a good thing we didnt order anything hot.

Oh never mind. Im fine now. I was feeling a tad off but its passed. Daria took a forkful of salad. Fabulous, as always.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-17-4
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/19/2011
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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