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The Vessel

The Kingdom Series

Author(s): Amanda Rose

Tortured and ruined for all women who cross his path, he still remains the most infamous seducer in a world filled with magic and creatures of myth. His one dream? To destroy the kingdom that took everything he ever cared for.

Abigail is everything a man could ask for. She’s sweet and charming, with a little bit of New York flair. She soon realizes her love for a gorgeous prince is the worst decision of her life, and she spirals to new levels of depression. After her kidnapping, it seems her fate is doomed, but she cannot fight the feelings that lurk beneath her conscience. This tortured man who stands before her, offers freedom like she has never felt with another. But will it be enough to erase her past?

Trauco’s love goes no further than the women from which he steals. That is, until he sets his heart on the wrong kind of target. Will he finally fall like the others and take on a vessel, or will his battle for vengeance continue?


Abby turned her attention back to her cell and realized the man was saying something. She stared. His mouth was moving but she could not hear his words.

“Mmmm, sweet Abigail. Why you fight me, mi amor? Let me show you my intentions before you, how you say, jump the gun.”

He walked closer to her, his body almost touching hers. He bent down so close to her face that their breaths mingled. She breathed in the sweet fruity, yet masculine, taste of him. She licked her lips and willed eyes to stare at the floor where she knew they couldn’t cause trouble.

She could not afford to let him touch her. Giving him the idea there was a chance for more than just words would be the end of her. Abigail had to fight the pull she felt towards him, knowing it had to be a spell he had called upon. Danger warnings flashed in her brain. She focused on the dirt floor. She would not look up. Damn it!

He closed the distance between them and kissed the side of her mouth. Just half of her lips touched his, but it left her breathless and fighting to stay focused. This was complete madness! His body sent electric waves of pleasure throughout her body. She was swooning like a teenager.

Look at me.

She heard him whisper through her mind.

Look into my eyes, feel my need for you, his husky voice called.

She kept her eyes averted.

“No! Get away from me!” She fought against the chains, pushing against them until there was no slack. Metal bit into her flesh, threatening to cut off the circulation if she maintained that pressure.

“You’re sick if you think it would be that easy!” She spat into his face, glaring into his cold, golden eyes.

He laughed as he met her green, iridescent gaze. His tongue slowly licked up the splattered saliva around his mouth. “Delicious… I would love to taste so much more than that, if only you’d let me.”

His villainous smile pissed her off, and yet, somehow, it turned her on. Why did she feel so strangely towards this man?

She shook her head. “In your dreams buddy, you might as well kill me here and now.” She hid her infatuation behind a look of pure disgust.

“It’s only a matter of time, mi amor. I will get what I want; it all depends on how easy you’re going to make it for me.” He bowed low in front of her.

“Ugh, you make me sick!” She surged forward, yanking on the chains.

Abigail couldn’t bear to look at him. She turned her face into her shoulder, trying to block her sight without closing her eyes; she didn’t trust him enough for that. She stared at the chains that bound her. How did she get herself into this mess?

She studied the cuff on her left wrist. It hurt her already and only God knew how long she was going to be there. Observing the detail of the cuff and the lock, she noted, sadly, how the little black letters of her tattoo showed out from beneath the metal. She let out a tired breath.

“Aw, that is so precious, mi amor. You think your little male will come for you? Oh, don’t you worry, he won’t find us here.” He made a sweeping gesture. “You don’t have to trouble your sweet little head about that. Even if he did figure out who I am, he’ll never be able to get to you.” The hatred that filled her eyes was enough to kill; she only wished she knew the spell, and how to call magic. Saying anything further would only give him more reason to stay. It was better to keep quiet. She looked at the letters on her wrist again. The flash-backs of the first time she met Derek began to play. She closed her eyes and thought about that day.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9867225-2-3
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 11/12/2010
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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