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Wicked Temptations

Author(s): Shyla Colt

 Boden has been Lucifer’s right hand man for the past two centuries. So the last thing he expects when he’s kidnapped during a battle with angels is a shot at redemption.  Assigned to a reaper named Anna he’s whisked off to a secluded training center. The blonde pixie makes his libido spiral out of control, and if he’s not careful she may awaken the humanity he thought lost. 

Anna is unable to resist the dark temptation that is Boden, and she succumbs to a passion that threatens to consume her. Now what was once a mission has become a battle for the soul of the man she loves. Can she save him, or will she be forced to watch him walk back into hell? 



 “Why would you do that, you stupid woman! You were completely defenseless just now. I could have done anything.”


“Yet, you didn’t. How could I ask you to trust me if I don’t show you trust first?”


“This is a dangerous game you play.” He wrapped his fingers around her waist, staring into her eyes as he willed her to tell him the truth.


“It’s not a game, Bo. We’ll never move forward until we leave our history behind.”


“Your serious aren’t you?” he scoffed. “You holy-rollers and your silly faith. I doubt I even know how to trust anymore. It’s not exactly a quality you need in my line of work.”


“Then perhaps we should re-learn together.”




“Believe it or not, there are not many I place my trust in. Even in this life, others rarely do things without some sort of ulterior motive.”


“Who do you trust then?”




“Of course, you do. Everyone loves the new golden girl.”


“You know if you’d give her half a chance I think you two could be good friends.”


Her words made him shudder. “Perish the thought, Pixie.”


“Now this isn’t so bad is it?”




“Getting to know each other.”


“Hmm, is that what we’re doing?”




“Too bad it’s not real. Once you’ve played your role, you’ll be off on a mission to save the next soul.” His words made her flinch, and he smirked. He couldn’t afford to forget when everything was said and done, they’d be on opposite sides. “Truth hurt?”


“No, the way you manipulate facts perturbs me.”


“Do you mean to tell me you’re doing this out of the kindness of your heart? Come on, Anna, we’ve lived much too long to delude ourselves.”


“I may have been assigned to you, but what you do with our time together is up to you!”  She rose to her feet, chest heaving and face flushed as she stormed for the door.


“Really?” he asked. His words stopped her shy of the door as she paused. He rose to his feet and stalked forward, feeling pleasure unravel inside him as he backed her into a wall.


“What if I wanted to turn this into something more…intimate?” he whispered. He pressed his body against her lush curves, his hand gripping her hip as he ground his hardening cock against her. A whimper left her lips, and he smirked as her eyes dilated, and her breath hitched. It was good to know he wasn’t alone in his twisted attraction.


“S-Stop.” She gasped.


“Is that really what you want me to do Anna?” he asked. Boden pulled back.


His hand moved up to cup her full breast, kneading the supple mound as he watched her skin turn pink.


“I asked you a question, Anna.” He pinched her nipple and savored her cry. “Is that what you want?”




“I didn’t think so. You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?”


He rolled the hardened points of her nipples between his fingers as he drank down her reckless abandon. The power she relinquished made him feel like he was on equal footing for the first time since he’d been taken.


“I bet you’re soaking wet right now, aren’t you?” He slid his hand inside the yoga pants and ran a finger over her moist panties. A satisfied purr left his lips as her hips titled to press the needy part of her against his hand. Her head fell back against the wall.


“This is your secret, isn’t it? The perfect golden-haired goody two-shoes likes to be controlled and told she’s a bad girl.” Whimpers left her throat as he continued to caress her through the thin barrier. Her hips ground up against him.


“Such an eager girl, I think I’ll grant you a gift.” He leaned down to taste her lips, but thought better of it allowing his lips to caress her ear. His tongue flicked out to lick the delicate shell. “Would you like that?”




Boden moved away to pull her pants down along with her panties. Anna’s curly hairs were neatly trimmed, and her apex glistened with the proof of her arousal. He wanted to go to his knees and taste her. To attach his mouth to the swollen bud that peaked from between her puffy lips and suckle her until she came screaming his name. The intense emotions rolled through him, shaking him as he resisted. He needed to remain in control.


“You’ve got such a pretty little cunt.” The foreplay was skipped as he thrust a finger deep inside her tight hole, and she cried out. Her voice was a strange mix of pleasure and pain that had his tip dripping like a faucet.


“Fuck, you’re so wet and tight.” His finger began to thrust, and her hungry walls sucked him in. Gripped him and held him in their taut embrace.


“You like what I’m doing to you don’t you, my girl?”


“Oh God! Yes.”


“I’m far from done.” He added another finger and pumped faster. “I want to hear you scream my name when you come.” Anna’s fingers curled around his shoulders as her walls shivered, and she rocked her hips in time with his rhythm. Her walls shuddered around his fingers before they clamped down. A gush of liquid flowed forth as she threw her head back and screamed his name. The shrill cries were music to his ears. Her weight rested against the wall, and their gazes locked as he pulled his digits free and sucked them into his mouth. Her honeyed nectar exploded on his tongue, and he moaned. She tasted like ripe fruit sprinkled with sugar.


“You’re the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever tasted.”




“Shh, you’re not the only one who has things to teach.”  She looked dazed as she nodded her head and allowed him to right her clothing.


“I think you’re the one who needs to think about what we want from our time together. The ball’s in your court now.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-927368-42-8
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published:
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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