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Fade To Black

Author(s): Heather Kuchl

Werewolf bounty hunter Sarah Vargas has only one goal in life; to kill the Were that attacked and changed her. However a slew of werecreature murders send Sarah and her partner, Jared Fontaine, on the mission of their lives, ending with a discovery about Jared’s past that might destroy them both.


“We are all going to die. He was first; now we’re next,” mutters Maribeth to herself. She stands up and crosses the room to the door that leads downstairs to the exit. Where the vampires are. “I will not die.” She opens the door before any of us can argue, and walks out, slamming it behind her.

We all stand there, unable to grasp the fact that Maribeth walked out that door into God knows what.

“Maribeth!” cries Edward. It’s like the world decided to resume it’s turning. Edward runs for the door, leaving Jared and I with the prone forms of Donavan and Lev. We quickly follow. They need us in case shit goes bad. And we know that it will.

“Maribeth, come back! You don’t know what’s down there!” Edward follows her down the flight of stairs, through the room where I met Damian, and into a room filled with plush couches, mirrors, and a window looking out to the dance floor of the Malevolent Dead. The dance floor answers my distant thoughts from earlier. Littering the dance floor are the bodies of Donavan’s Weres. Some of the Weres were neatly killed. Others…you can’t even tell what they once were. They are just a gory, meaty mess on the floor. I feel Donavan shudder as he beholds the dance floor. I force my eyes from it and see what holds my companion’s attention. I have failed to notice two vampires are in the same room as us. Not mindless Necrovamps. Oh no, those would be easy. Two 100% true vampires stand there, looking very shocked that all of us just walked in.

Jerrikin and Jackilin Skyner stand there. Great! Just great.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926704-69-2
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 10/07/2009
Publisher: Eternal Press

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