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Author(s): Sandra Hall

In the city of Fairlight, witches and vampires have always opposed each other.  For the moment, the witch’s council has the upper hand, while the vampire coven simply waits for an opportunity to regain dominance.
Realizing the danger of turning a blind eye to recent vampire activity for the sake of peace, Velvet patrols the city at night, where she encounters two crafty and strong master vampires. One hates her on sight, the other is intrigued enough to dare bite her.  A love bite that effectively captivates them both.  
But Velvet is also the one person capable of stopping two head witches and the town’s Reverend Commissioner and their corrupt plans for the city.   Armed with her sword and magic, she leads the combined efforts of the elite super beings against the demonic forces that can possibly take over the world.
He threw her sword through the busted door. “I’ve had just about enough of you!”
“Have you really?” She put her good hand on her hip. “Last night you couldn’t seem to get nearly enough. You wanted to taste me so bad!” She squeezed her hand, making the blood trickle steadily down her arm.
“Now you are playing with fire. I suggest you get away from me, Velvet.” He gave her his back.
“You think I’m afraid of you, Wilder?” she asked, coming up behind him. “You think because you’re just maybe a tad stronger than I am that gives you an edge? Don’t forget I’m magic too. Grandma showed you what a witch could do. So here, Wilder, taste my blood. It’s warm and flowing, just the way you want it. Right? Isn’t that what you really wanted from me?” She touched his bare back with her good hand, feeling the tension in his body and laughed. “Are you the one who is afraid?” He spun around, regarding her guardedly. “Is Jerome right? Are you mine?”
“Stop it, Velvet.”
“Are you afraid of me?”
“You have no idea, not even half, of what you’re talking about.” He picked up her bloody wrist. “In the days ahead, you will remember teasing me.” He put her wrist to his lips and licked her hand clean. “You’re delicious, Velvet. And I want you, not just your blood,” he said and kissed her fully on her mouth, not as carefully as the night before.
He pricked her tongue. She jerked back, tasting her own blood and found it unpleasant. He laughed and held her close, sucking her tongue, even after the bleeding stopped. “I’m not afraid of you, Velvet. Don’t mistake caution for fear.” He took her wrist again and looked her in the eye as he bit into her wound. She didn’t flinch just let out a little breathy sound. He took out his fangs and let it bleed. He licked it, watching her reaction. She was fascinated, moving her body closer. She held him as he sucked from her. She ran her hand through his hair, pressing his head into her breast. He paused, then gave up her hand for her lips. She sighed and returned his kisses. “Just remember you asked for this.”
“I won’t forget,” she said, moving from his embrace.
“Velvet?” He followed her out to the foyer where she stopped to pick up her sword. “I have a lot to get in order. Do you understand?”
“Time is precious, Wilder. Don’t forget that,” she said and vanished, disappearing far less dramatically than she’d arrived.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781927454732
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Date Published: 11/05/2012
Publisher: Champagne Books

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