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Forbidden Love

Author(s): Kaye Manro

They are Galaxies apart so different yet so much alike…

Dr. Maya Belle knows reptiles. While she is in the desert researching habitats, a sudden burst of sand engulfs her. She can't believe what stumbles out of a massive dune.

While on a survey mission over the planet Terrain, T'Kon crashes his spacecraft near Maya's desert home. He cannot remain on this primitive warring planet for long. He must repair his craft and leave as quickly as he came.

When lust stirs between them a sultry unbidden passion hotter than the desert sands seizes them, and changes everything. Will Maya abandon her world for her alien lover? Or will T'Kon set forth without her forsaking their powerful forbidden love?



T’Kon rested against an arched opening and gazed at the female Maya. She bent over, and the scant material covering her lower body slid up. He got a full view of her appealing tailless ass, so tempting, so firm. He hissed out air and turned his head away.

“Hmm, let’s see, what do I have you can eat?” she looked around the side of the cold box. “Vegetarian, right?”

Vegetation, yes, he nodded.

“Here’s something—melons. I have melons. I bet you can eat these. I know iguanas love them.” She handed him a slice. “Go on, it’s good. It’s called a cantaloupe.” She picked up a piece and took a slow precise bite.

The mel-in juice trickled from her mouth and down her chin. Mesmerized, T’Kon reached out and touched the liquid gathering it from her face. He tasted the sweetness on his taloned finger. He wanted to extend his tongue and lick more juices from her enticing mouth. He could not. He would not. Instead, he chose to focus on the food she offered.

“So how did you learn to speak our language?” She asked, breaking the enjoyable silence of eating. “Not your native tongue I’ll bet.”

Implausible as it was, the mating urge rose anew at the sound of her melodic voice. He scrutinized her through squinted eyes. A crinkle stretched across her nose where a line of minuscule brown dots scattered down onto each cheek. He had an impulse to stroke the dots, see if he could rub them off. No, he should not touch her again.

He cleared the chafe from his throat by making a rattling sound. “While studying your planet, I picked up words and phrases.”

She leaned across the counter and captured his eyes with hers. “Why are you studying us?”

T’Kon took another bit of the succulent mel-in and did not answer. He had told her too much already. He must quell his urge to give information to the Terrain female. The less she knew about him the better.

“Take me to my spacecraft,” he said.

She stared at him.

He hissed out more air and then shook his head. “I had not planned contact.”

She scooted around and came to stand close to him. He could tell she wanted to touch him but did not. “Maybe you didn’t plan it but here you are. So why not take advantage of the situation...” her words trailed off and this time she did touch him. She slid her hand over his chest and onto his face.

He caught her fingers in a rough hold. The act caused his talons to unsheathe. “No, I cannot. I will not.” He dropped her hand. A sudden realization—glancing down at his body, he stood naked before her his mating organ erect. “What have you done with my bodily covering?”

“I cut it from you,” she answered. “I had to do it so I could examine you to see if you were hurt. Your space suit encased you so tight, I had no choice.”

He grabbed her, pulled her hard against him. “You tore away my covering, now I shall rid you of yours.” He hissed close to her ear. In a display that surprised even him, T’Kon slid a claw around her back hooking her clothing with a talon. In a swift motion, he slashed it from her. The garments landed on the floor in tattered pieces.

Maya’s heart beat against his chest matching his own accelerated pulse. The heat of her nakedness roused him even more. He began his exploration anew.

“You want me to touch” His elongated tongue licked across her lips, over her face and down neck, hovering just above the swell of her breasts.

She sighed. “Oh yes...”

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 05/13/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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