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Forever Claimed

Wolves of East Anglia

Author(s): Marisa Chenery

Out for a walk on her fist evening of her holiday in Norwich, England, Kamryn finds herself literally knocked on her butt by a gorgeous hunk of a man named Algar. He's quick to apologize as he helps her to her feet, and holds her hand a little longer than necessary, but he still reluctantly rushes after the man who he'd been chasing. Kamryn returns to her hotel, sure she won't see him again.

Algar quickly takes down the werewolf sired by Fenris the wolf in the hopes to find the woman he'd knocked over before she disappears. After following her scent, only to come to a dead end at the hotel's elevator, he plans to return in the morning to wait for her to put in an appearance. When she does, he finds she stirs his wolf as much as she stirs his body.

Certain she's the woman meant for him, meant to be forever claimed by an immortal werewolf warrior, he knows he can't let her go, even if she comes to fear what he is.

Publisher's Note: This was previously published.


Having a few thousand dollars in lottery winnings, Kamryn had used the money to take that trip overseas she’d dreamed about for years. She’d arrived in Norwich, England, that afternoon and had slept most of the day away since her body was still on Niagara Falls time. Now early evening, she’d decided to go for a walk and see a bit of the town. After leaving her hotel, she strolled along the sidewalk with no real destination in mind. She planned to be there for two weeks. The long flight and then sleeping most of the daylight hours away had already eaten into the first day of her vacation. Anxious but excited, she continued. This was also the first time she’d been out of the States.

She walked past a busy pub, not stopping to go inside. She would have to experience one before she left England, but she wasn’t in the mood to sit alone inside one right now. The evening was nice, and she’d been cooped up, first inside an airplane for hours and then inside her hotel room. She needed the fresh air more than she needed to “have a pint,” as the British said.

Walking down one street and then another, Kamryn soon found herself on a rather quiet avenue fronting a fenced-in community park. Twilight was deepening into night, but streetlights were enough for her to see by, and she still had time to investigate it before she thought it best to return to her hotel.

A short distance before she reached the gated entrance, a man raced past her, roughly jostling her out of his way. Kamryn recovered, watching him disappear into the park. She slowed her steps, having second thoughts about going inside, after all. Not knowing what the man ran from, she didn’t exactly want to meet up inside the fenced-in area in the dark.

That decided, Kamryn turned to go back the way she’d come and found herself literally knocked on her ass as a second man barreled into her. She’d feel that come morning. She lifted her gaze, feeling a bit shaken by the enormous size of the man who hovered over her.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to plow into you like that. Are you all right?”

As she looked him fully in the face, her gaze settled more intently on him. Not only had he knocked her on her ass, but also he’d left her speechless. Holding an expression of concern, his hazel eyes gazed at her from a ruggedly handsome face. Kamryn ran hers from the brown hair that reached the collar of his black leather jacket down to his well-muscled body. He towered over her. She had a feeling he’d dwarf her five-foot-four frame by at least a foot even if she stood at her full height.

He stuck out his hand. “Here, let me help you up. Are you hurt?”

After a long minute still on her ass, Kamryn found her voice. “Ah…ah, I’m okay. I think my pride is hurt more than anything.”

She took his hand and let him pull her to her feet. Yup, he towered over her. Kamryn found her gaze once again skimming over his face, taking in his straight nose, the sharp angle of his cheekbones and his square jaw. The man was gorgeous. And his deep British accent made her wonder if it got deeper and huskier when he took a woman to bed. Talk about a turn-on. Actually, just staring at him was turning her on. Since he still held her hand, she wondered what he might do if she tightened her grip and yanked him closer so she could kiss those firm lips. In reaction to her thoughts, she licked her own.

Kamryn gave herself a mental shake. If she didn’t snap out of it, she was sure he’d think she wasn’t entirely all there.

“Good. I’m glad you weren’t hurt.” His gaze moved to the direction the other man had run and then back to her. He shifted on his feet, almost as if he were reluctant to leave. But when a howl ripped through the still night around them, he stiffened. “I apologize for knocking you over.” Another howl reached her ears. “I…I have to go. Sorry.”

He then did the strangest thing. Using their joined hands, he yanked her closer and bent, burying his nose into the crook of her neck. After taking a deep breath, as if he inhaled her scent, he released her and took off running in the direction of the park.

Kamryn watched as he rounded the corner and disappeared through the park gate. Unsure about his odd behavior, she continued on her way. Although she probably would never see him again, that didn’t stop her from memorizing what he looked like…just in case. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-918-6
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 11/06/2013
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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