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How Mary Met Max

Author(s): Ernestine Winn

Mary works as a waitress and meets Max, an occasional customer at the restaurant, who thinks she’s beautiful. So what’s the problem? After Mary’s last disappointing love affair, she’s not sure she wants to try again. But with the help of the cashier’s matchmaking ways, Mary finds out Max is exactly what she’d been looking for.

With a nosy old neighbor lady living below Mary, she and Max come up with inventive ways to spend their alone time and keep the noise down. Mary soon finds out Max means more to her when one thing happens after another and she’s hit with a problem he’s more than willing to help fix.     


I clocked in, then passed through the noisy, aroma-laden and heat-filled kitchen to enter the main dining room through the two-way swinging door, making sure to look through the window to see there was no one coming in.

“Hello, Barbara,” I said to the cashier whose register was near the doorway. As she returned my greeting, I glanced around the room, noting how many tables were full as well as the number of customers who were seated at the counter. Two stools from the near end was one of our regulars of late, an attractive man with captivating brown eyes and a dark complexion. He wasn’t as dark as the taxi driver, but was just the right hue to qualify as the proverbial tall, dark and handsome. And damn, he was handsome. We exchanged looks for a second and he winked as he often did, lifting his glass of soda as a salute to go along with a flirty grin and a twinkle in his eye. I returned the smile, though not the wink, for even though he was at the counter where the cashier had waited on him and he wouldn’t be tipping me, I wanted to be friendly. That was just my style. Of course it didn’t hurt that he was so good looking.

Two of the tables that were a part of my section were filled so that meant whatever tips left there belonged to Jerri, who was about to clock out to go home. I stepped behind the counter to retrieve an order pad and a few pencils from a tray below and wrote my first name on several sheets to get a head start on my shift. Then I slipped them into the front pocket of my uniform. When I looked back up, I met the brown-eyed gaze of the handsome customer at the counter. I sensed he’d been staring at me as I wrote, making me a little self-conscious. Again he smiled and I glanced down to see the oval white name tag attached to the dark blue work shirt that had the name “Max” stitched in red lettering.

“So today you’re Max.”

“I’m Max every day.”

“The other day you were Tom.”

“That was a mix-up with the cleaning service. Whoever, or wherever Tom is, he’s the only guy with shirts big enough to fit me.”

“He must be a pretty big guy to have shoulders that wide?”

“Apparently.” Max seemed to take in stride the offhand compliment I’d just given him.

“So, you get uniforms supplied where you work? Must be a nice perk.”

“One of the few.” Max’s smile dropped for a second before he took a drink of soda. “How about you gals?” He cocked his head slightly as he resumed smiling.

“We have to buy our own.”

“Well, wherever you buy yours, you get your money’s worth. It looks tailor made, judging by the way it fits you.”

“Well, thank you, I guess.” I chuckled, not sure exactly what he meant, though I do like my uniforms snug.

“But there’s no name tag. What if someone wanted to know your name?”

“Then that person might try asking.”

“Okay, I’m asking.”

“Mary,” I said, giving him a slight smile.

“Only Mary?”

“That’s enough…for now. Got to go to work,” I said, nodding toward a middle-aged couple, who were being seated at one of my tables. I grabbed two menus from the stack beside the cash register and squeezed past Barbara.

After writing down the couple’s orders and bringing them their drinks, I glanced at the counter to notice Max was leaving. He was a friendly guy, but it was just as well he was going, for the dining room was filling fast and I had a long evening ahead of me. No time for silly flirtation, no matter how attractive he was. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-924-7
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 01/02/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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