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Taming Her Heart

Wolves of East Anglia

Author(s): Marisa Chenery

Maggie can’t deny she’s drawn to Dolf, and she’d like nothing more than to get to know him better if the whole “fur” thing didn’t freak her out, that is. After having been kidnapped by the pack leader of the werewolves sired by Fenris the wolf, she figures Dolf should be the last person to blame her for harboring a healthy dose of fear toward anything that howls at the moon. Though she’s determined to get over the traumatic incident, right now, becoming Dolf’s mate is the furthest thing from her mind.

Dolf is certain Maggie is his mate, but her terror toward his kind is keeping them apart. Worse yet, he has no idea how to win over her heart and, just as importantly, her trust. Her body and soul belong to him, and Dolf will stop at nothing to make Maggie his, even if it means ending the life of the werewolf responsible for keeping his mate from his arms.

Question is, can he?

Publisher's Note: This was previously published.


Having driven this same route every night for the past couple of months, Dolf could do it with his eyes closed. It didn’t take too long to arrive at his destination. He pulled over to the side of the road and looked at the house across from him.

It was torture, but he couldn’t resist going to Maggie’s house to check and make sure she was safe. She was his mate, and it was his right to protect her. Each time he came, he hoped like hell he’d be able to catch sight of her. Even a quick glimpse would do, something just to tide him over for another day. So far, he’d driven away disappointed each time, feeling as if he were no closer to making her his.

Out of the corner of his eye, Dolf caught a shadowed figure walking down the sidewalk toward the house. His whole body seemed to come alive as he turned his head and saw it was Maggie. Alone. That had him growling softly as he shot out of the car and headed to intercept her before he could think about what he was doing.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing walking around outside at night by yourself?” he asked gruffly. “It’s not safe for you.”

Maggie came to a sudden stop, her eyes widening. “Stay away, Dolf. Leave me alone.”

Dolf fisted his hands at his sides, fighting the urge to pull her close. Standing in front of her, smelling the scent that was uniquely hers, made his cock go instantly rock hard. Inside, his wolf threw back its head and howled, longing for his mate, wanting to claim her. He made no other move to get closer, not when he could smell her fear and hear the sound of her heart beating at too fast a rate.

“Then answer my question,” he said in an even tone, not wanting to scare Maggie any more than he already did.

She took a step back. “It’s none of your business.”

Dolf had to stiffen his body to stop himself from closing the gap between them. “It is, and you know the reason why. Tell me,” he said through gritted teeth.

Maggie shook her head. “I won’t accept you. Not ever. I can’t.”

Though it felt as if someone had taken his sword and stabbed him through the heart, he showed no outward sign of how much her words had hurt him. “That might be so, but it doesn’t make it go away. Not for me. You’re my ma—”

She quickly cut him off before he could finish. “Don’t even say it. I don’t want to hear it.”

Dolf sighed. “I’ll let it go for now. Just tell me why you’re out here alone.”

Maggie looked undecided, but then she surprised him when she lifted her chin and met his gaze. “I’ve cowered enough. I’m not going to let what happened make me a virtual prisoner in my own home, scared to leave it in case I get taken again. I’m not going to live out the rest of my life being afraid of my own shadow. If I do, the bastard will have won.”

A surge of pride washed through Dolf. This was the Maggie he wanted to see, to get to know better, not the woman who looked at him with fear. He ran his gaze over her long, black hair and pretty face before he settled on her green eyes. He ached to touch her, to claim her kissable lips while he learned her taste.

“I commend you on what you’re doing, but it doesn’t make it any safer. Stephen is still out there. We have no idea where he is.”

Maggie’s face turned white, but she seemed to keep it together. The only other thing that gave her away was the scent of fear growing stronger on her skin. “I can’t keep looking over my shoulder. It’ll drive me crazy. I want my life back to the way it used to be before I learned werewolves existed…before I met you.”

Dolf took another shot to the heart. “I’d never do anything to hurt you.” No longer able to keep his distance, he shifted closer. “I’d give up my life for you,” he said softly.

Maggie silently stared at him. Dolf looked into her eyes, trying to show her with his gaze that he meant what he said. He’d been alone for so long, and now that she’d come into his life, he didn’t want to give her up. They barely knew each other, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t impacted him greatly. He’d never be the same without her.

A moment seemed to pass between them when it looked as if Maggie really saw him for the first time. As if she’d seen past what he was to peer inside at the man, not the immortal werewolf warrior. Dolf slowly raised his hand, wanting to reach for her, to touch her skin, but the spell that had come over them suddenly shattered when a male voice called Maggie’s name.

“Maggie?” Chris called again as he crossed the street. “Is that really you?”

She tore her gaze off Dolf and turned to the other man. A large smile spread across her face, one she’d never given to Dolf. “Chris! It seems like ages since I last saw you.”

Dolf held back the growl that threatened to rumble out of him as he watched his mate walk into Chris’ arms and hug him, giving another man what he so desperately craved.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-943-8
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 06/19/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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