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Training the Warrior

Author(s): Jaylee Davis

After her mate's death, Lydia must carve out a new life on an alien world. She becomes the first human initiate accepted into the respected teacher clan, thrusting her into the sensual and secret domain of the warrior-born Tauran males. Sexual pleasure paired with punishment is required to overcome their fierce rage after blading. Lydia must battle her own morals and self-doubts while she masters all the basic methods required to soothe the newly-bladed warriors.

Taelor, a Tauran warrior, is summoned by his sister. Her warrior-born son suffers from blading fever and her ship is days away from the teachers who can save him. Reluctantly, Taelor agrees to help, but his nephew's plight dredges up unpleasant memories for him, ones he'd hoped to bury forever. While he was away on a mission, his mate, the female he loved, took her own life. The idea that she’d choose death over being mated to him torments Taelor. Although he knows the choice isn’t his to make, he vows to never claim another unwilling female.

Two broken souls from different worlds live separate lives until fate brings them together. Afterward, only death can keep them apart. 


Seated behind the ancient desk was an older Tauran female draped in a white robe. Lydia guessed she was in her late forties to early fifties. Like the teacher who’d shown her into the room and then promptly disappeared, the woman’s face was a blank slate, no expression at all. It was very unnerving. Lydia suspected they kept their feelings hidden in order to freak out the initiates. If so, it worked. She sat on the chair, lowered her eyes to gaze at the floor and waited, trying her best to appear calm. The head mistress didn’t make her wait long.

“You’re an off-worlder, Lydia. Are you certain you wish to follow this path? As a warrior’s unmated, you’re welcome to live out the remainder of your life here on Fortress, safe and well cared for. Or you could find another male who’d take you to mate. You’re still young and beautiful. Another warrior might claim you, and I’m sure there are many Tauran males who’d like the opportunity to persuade you into agreeing to a formal mating.”

“I want no other, mistress. My mate spoke highly of the teacher clan. I wish to join and serve.” Lydia gathered her courage, and added, “Not all teachers are Tauran.”

“Perhaps,” the head mistress said. “But all the off-worlders claimed by warriors are almost genetically identical to Tauran females. You’re different, Lydia. Yet a warrior took you as his mate.”

The grinding sound of a chair scooting back made Lydia wince. Soft footsteps approached, then stopped in front of her. A slender hand, delicate and soft, reached out to cup Lydia’s chin, tilting her head up. She stared hopefully into the warm brown eyes of the head mistress.

“Only a few Taurans are capable of becoming teachers, Lydia. And most of those who do are very good. A few are even excellent. In order to be an excellent teacher, you must have empathy, patience, strength of will and an ability to anticipate what a young warrior might require.” The head mistress smiled slyly. “In other words, you must be smarter than them, always. That’s our most guarded secret. You must not tell anyone, especially the warriors.”

Lydia smiled up at the wise woman as she realized she’d just been accepted. By some miracle, she’d passed.

“Thank you, mistress.”

The woman turned away to walk toward the dais. Reaching it, she spun around and took a seat on the edge of the raised platform. She smiled secretively. Her manner startled Lydia.

“Lydia, I’ve looked forward to speaking with you. I’m sorry you had to wait so long, but I wanted you to interview last so we could visit for a few moments. I fear our time is limited.”

“Mistress?” Lydia didn’t know how to respond.

“Several years ago, right before I retired from active teaching, Kern was one of my last warriors.”

Lydia’s mouth dropped open in shock.

The woman’s smile widened. “He was just one of a few of my most memorable trainees.” Her expression turned somber. “News of his death saddened me. Your service here honors his memory, Lydia. We welcome you.”

“I wish to honor him.” She lowered her head and stared at the floor once more, not wanting the older woman to see the tears swimming in her eyes.

“After you become a qualified teacher, you may come across a warrior who’ll make an impression on you, more so than all the others. They’re usually the ones who give us our greatest challenge. Kern was like that. Difficult, stubborn and demanding. He tried my patience.”

“That does sound like him.” Lydia smiled, disregarding her tears as she looked at the head mistress. The older woman smiled pleasantly.

“My curiosity is purely professional, Lydia. I have to ask. Did he always treat you with gentleness?”

“Yes, mistress. Always.”

“And did he put your pleasure above his own?”

Lydia nodded, unembarrassed. “Yes, he did, each and every time.”

The head mistress sighed while she shook her head. “His training was successful. I have complete faith in our methods, but I have to admit, your warrior challenged me at every stage.”

They both laughed. Lydia felt more lighthearted now, as if a weight bearing down on her soul had been removed. Maybe she was recovering from her loss. For the first time in many months, she was able to laugh. The sadness she felt over Kern’s death was giving way to the joy of his memory filling her heart. She was beginning to look forward to a future.

“Before you can proceed with your training, you must decide how you wish to remain infertile. For Tauran women it’s simple. We have control over our own fertility. You’re…human,” the head mistress said, using Lydia’s name for her species.

“Yes, mistress.”

This was something she was prepared to address. The newly-bladed warriors remained infertile for at least two years, but teachers weren’t expected to remain cloistered like celibate religious followers. They could enjoy a social life outside the sanctuary. However, pregnancy wasn’t allowed. Lydia had come to the conclusion that a human female and a Tauran warrior were incapable of producing children together. She and Kern had never used any type of contraception and she’d never conceived his child. No matter, she didn’t want to take the risk.

“Since I have no control over my own ovulation cycle I’d like to prevent conception by having the medical implant.” She certainly wouldn’t miss having her periods.

The head mistress stood. “Then it shall be done immediately.” She motioned toward a side door, and said, “A teacher is waiting for you in the hallway. She’ll give you your mask and take you to our physicians.”

Lydia rose to her feet and bowed her head respectfully, saying, “Thank you, head mistress.”

“Welcome, Initiate Lydia. And please call me Mistress Breanne. The warrior clan and teacher clan are grateful for your willingness to serve.”

“Yes, Mistress Breanne. I am honored to serve.” Lydia spoke the formal words for the first time. From now on, she’d be saying them to a newly-bladed warrior, but only after he performed all the tasks given to him in a satisfactory manner. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-92785-932-2
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published: 03/12/2014
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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