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With Intent

The Trickster in Heels-Book One

Author(s): Darragha Foster

Book One in The Trickster in Heels series.

Dr. Paige Barlow wants to perfect a new form of therapy she’s devised—counseling the gods. A therapist to the real stars, you might say. She knows who needs her couch first—Loki, the Norse god of mischief and fire. To mend the rift in his heart is going to take more than talk—it’s going to take joint sessions with another god. Odin. One cannot summon gods to a sofa without taking a bit of heat, however. While trying to help the two gods mend old wounds, Paige finds herself enveloped in their carnal ways. Past lovers reunite while the mortal who brought them back together finds out what it truly means to be taken by a god with intent.

Warning: Anal sex, M/M, M/F/M, Masturbation 


“Tell me what you feel.” It was a command. The tone of his voice had lost its lilt, its playfulness. This is not unexpected, however. She knew his nature. Paige took a deep breath and focused on her framed degrees in psychology and profiling. Two of many. Scandinavian studies, metaphysics, history, sociology, archeology. She’d spent a lot of time in university. It was about to pay off.

I can do this. I am going to help him. Whether he wants it or not. She feigned fear and balked. “I don’t like this.” She rattled her manacled hands above her head. “Please, unlock these things.” They weren’t tight. They were barely restrictive. He isn’t in this to hurt me.

She knew she could maintain her cool. She had walked through a death row prison block of child rapists and serial killers to meet with a patient once. Game face on. This potential patient needs help. I need to be the doggy treat by which he shall come, roll over and be tamed.

She had just finished up the little ritual and had not expected such a swift response to her offering. When it’s done correctly it certainly does produce results. I’ll have to make a note of the timeframe. When I can get to my keyboard. She pulled on the cuffs again. I had not expected the décor, however. Her bedroom had rapidly shifted from muted tones of beige and blue to a stage production of Pirates of Penzance. She could even hear ocean waves. And the cry of gulls. Probably an albatross.

“Look…I’m a fan. I think very highly of you all, but this is too much. You’ve got sand on my carpet. And what is that? Pitch?”

She held her breath as he invaded her air space. The hair on her arms prickled. He gives off an electrical current. She knew that to win his trust she had to play along. Besides that, his fiery eyes unnerved her. He whispered, “What do you feel?”

She backed down. “Fear,” she replied. “I feel fear.”

“Of course you do. But I want to know what you feel here.” He touched her lips with his fingertip. “And here.” He used the fingers of his other hand to squeeze her privates through her comfortable, black cotton-spandex leggings. “Do you feel eager for release? Does your quim ache with need? Are you slick with readiness?”

She lied. I am really turned-on. Damn it. “No.”

“If I removed your pants and forced my fingers, or my tongue, or my cock, between your legs, what would I find? A desert or an oasis?”

“I don’t want you.”

He laughed. “You summoned me! You cannot lie to me.” He drew even closer and sniffed her throat. “I smell your desire.”

He slowly unbuttoned her sweater. “You try to hide yourself within the confines of your over-loose and boring clothing. It doesn’t work, you know. I can see through your mundane disguise. You are a feast fit for a god. Lovely full breasts. A healthy roundness to your belly and hips, and just enough cushion on your ass to make it all worthwhile. In fact, you could gain ten or fifteen pounds and I wouldn’t mind a bit. You do enjoy a little anal play, yes?” He squeezed her left butt cheek.


“Don’t? Don’t compliment you? Don’t touch you? You called me. I knew before I even heard your voice across the vault of heaven what it was you desired of me. From me. I know what it is you need. I have been waiting for you. Alas, it took until this evening for us to hook up. I like that phrase. When I travel as a salmon, I have a very handsome hook nose. Really, darling, it took you long enough to summon me.” 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-99167-952-2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 01/04/2013
Publisher: Forever More Publishing

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